Top Five Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: books I want to see as TV shows

Hello and welcome back. It’s been a couple of weeks since i did a top 5 Wednesday post. But i can’t skip this one.

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme if you’d like to know more click here!

This weeks category is Books i want to see as TV Shows!

Fallen Crest High By Tijan


Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Mason, Logan, Sam and Nate on their televisions every week. I can already picture it being on The CW….What is life if you can’t dream…sigh….Can you imagine the drama Sam and Mason go through but also the Hilarity that is Logan….That would be awesome….Fingers crossed.

The Reapers Motorcycle Club series by Joanna Wylde.


Let’s face the facts…i miss Sons of Anarchy. I need another Sons of Anarchy on Tuesday nights…Come on FX pick up another MC television show already. Of course nobody could replace Jax Teller but i’d at least like to have a horse Thursday or a picnic Friday..(If you don’t know what i’m talking about, you obviously have not read the novels lmao) But seriously. Some network needs to pick this shit up. They don’t know what there missing out on.

The Cocktail Series by Alice Clayton


This would definitely be on HBO at night with all the sexy time scenes. This would be the most epic comedy television has ever seen. They could even get grumpy cat to play a roll ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Real Series by Katy Evans.


I think this would make a great television show. Plus with the companion novels in the series producers could turn it into a show with different story lines. Epic…Plus who wouldn’t want to see Remington Tate being all bad ass macho tough guy. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Scarred Souls series by Tillie Cole.


Oh My Lord…this would be crazy good as a television show. Holy crap i’m a genius for even thinking of this one. I could see it on FX because they tend to have the creepy shows on late at night. This would be one of thoseย that i stay up to watch with a blanket thrown over my head for protection from the boogie man.

This was just plain cruel…Now i really want these five series to be on my TV. I wasย all excited and then when i finished typing My excitement deflated like Tom Brady’s footballs. (I shouldn’t say that…I’m a patriots fan…if my boyfriend ever read this he would not let me live it down. So shh keep it a secret.) But seriously…I’m really bummed out now.
Thank you everyone for checking out my Top 5 Wednesday
What are the novels that you wish were made into Television shows?

Peace, Love, and Happy Reading,
Alecia @ The Staircase Reader

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