February Anticipated New Releases

Hello Everyone and welcome back! February is full of new releases I cannot wait to read. Some of these beauties i have been waiting for a long time to get my hands on. Feels like forever!

Lets get this list started!

Feb. 6th

Fake Fiancée Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Two

Feb. 7th

Tangled in Texas (Texas Rodeo #2) Image may contain: 1 person

Feb. 9th

A Thousand Letters

Feb. 13th

Mack Daddy

Feb. 20th

Nova (The Renegades, #2) Lost in Between (Finding Me, #1)

Feb. 21st

Pucked Off (Pucked, #5) Havoc (Mayhem, #4)

Feb. 27th

The Hot One Don't Speak (A Modern Fairytale) Cole

Feb. 28th

If You Were Mine Hyde's Absolution (Sydney Storm MC #4) Cheater (Curious Liaisons, #1)
Love Taker (Nashville Nights, #3) Jude (The Saints, #2)


These are all the novels that spike my interest. Let me know what novels your excited to read this month. I’m always looking to expand that never ending TBR list 🙂



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