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Review | Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin

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Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin


Title: Third Base
Series: The Boys of Summer #1
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Genre: Sports Romance/ Baseball
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: April 4th
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272

My Rating: 4.5 stars

Since becoming a major league baseball player, I’ve learned a few hard lessons. Like never give out your home address on social media (sorry, Mom). Never shoot your mouth off without thinking . . . and never, ever let your personal life interfere with your game. But then I saw her – sitting alone behind the enemy dugout, watching me – and I just had to meet this girl.

Now I know that Daisy Robinson has her secrets, but there’s something about her that drives me crazy. Maybe it’s her innocence, her absolutely amazing knowledge of baseball, or just the fact that she is so unbelievably beautiful. I have to take it slow. Prove to her that the rumors about me are just that – rumors.

Daisy might be my ultimate lifetime win. . . if I don’t get hit by the curveball that’s coming my way.

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4.5 stars

It’s baseball season (Go Detroit Tigers!!!)  and with that said Third Base is the perfect read for this time of the year!

One thing is for certain and that is after reading my second ‘sports’ romance by Heidi McLaughlin, she definitely knows her sports facts. It literally felt like I was sitting at a ball game watching the scenes come to life.  This was a fun Sports romance but don’t get me wrong, there is some angst to this novel.
Third Base is the first novel in ‘The Boys of Summer’ series.

This is Ethan Davenports story.

Ethan Davenport is the third baseman for the Boston Renegades. He’s living the life at the top of the ladder, the only problem is a pesky blogger that runs the Boston Renegades fan site and the trash talking that takes place on said site is ruining his image.

Walking out onto the field his eyes flash to behind the away team’s dugout searching for the woman that has been sitting there for the year. He immediately spots the woman dressed in Boston gear. He can’t get this woman out of his head and the funny fact he hasn’t even seen her close up yet.

Daisy Robinson is the fan in question. Daisy is closed off and keeps to herself. She holds season tickets that her grandfather bought.

Throughout the pages of this novel we get bits and pieces of why Daisy is so closed off. When her situations come to life my heart literally broke for her. How could one person endure so much lose and still continue living life with a smile on her face?

I’m not going to sit here and say Ethan and Daisy’s chemistry was off the charts and there was insta-love because that isn’t true. Their chemistry is slow built, but that is the one thing that made this novel great for me. I really enjoyed seeing the two bond over baseball and form a friendship that eventually led to a relationship.

But secrets that Daisy is hiding from Ethan are the type that could make or break a relationship. It’s up to Ethan to decide if he can live with the secrets ‘Major’ Secrets Daisy has kept from him or not.
I did not see that twist coming at all!!! I couldn’t believe it. I sat there staring at the novel for a couple minutes reading over what I had just read to see if I read it right. I loved the unexpected twist.

I can’t wait to continue with this series!

I received an arc from the Hatchette Book Group. Third Base is for sale in E-Book format only…Until April 4th when it will also be available in Paperback!

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