Fab 5 Friday

Fab 5 Friday: (#2) Favorite Laugh-out-Loud novels


Welcome to another Fab 5 Friday!

This week I thought I’d give you all my 5 Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud novels!

These books have, in one way or another, embarrassed the every loving **** out of me by making me laugh out loud in public places.

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Wallbanger (Cocktail, #1)Wallbanger
by: Alice Clayton


Wallbanger is the novel that I always think of when I recommend a laugh out loud novel to someone. Everything about this novel is hilarious. I also love novels that involve ‘jealous’ animals…hehe.

Play (Stage Dive, #2)

by: Kylie Scott


what can I say except for I love Mal Erickson. He’s such a random person that it makes this novel epic & hilarious! I love randomness.

The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel

The Baller
by: Vi Keeland


I remember staying up until three in the morning to finish this novel. I was laughing so hard that my boyfriend ‘who was sleeping’ woke up and came downstairs to see if i was okay….OOPS.

No Pants RequiredNo Pants Required
by: Kim Karr.


I just have one thought, ‘the almost mile-high club’ scene! I loved this scene!

Tempt The Boss

Tempt The Boss
by: Natasha Madison
releases April 3rd!


I had to add this novel to my list. I laughed so much during this novel, at one point i had to put it down and give my ribs time to heal! My review will be posted soon!


What are some of your favorite Laugh Out Loud novels?

If you would like to join in just leave your links to your posts in the comments so I and everyone else can check them out!

Next weeks category is going to be:

Novels that have made me view the world differently/changed my outlook on life!

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