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Review | After We Fall by Melanie Harlow

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After We Fall

Title: After We Fall
Author: Melanie Harlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2016
Format: Paperback | Pages: 341
My Rating: 5 Stars


Jack Valentini isn’t my type.

Sexy, brooding cowboys are fine in the movies, but in real life, I prefer a suit and tie. Proper manners. A close shave.

Jack might be gorgeous, but he’s also scruffy, rugged, and rude. He wants nothing to do with a “rich city girl” like me, and he isn’t afraid to say so.

But I’ve got a PR job to do for his family’s farm, so he’s stuck with me and I’m stuck with him. His glares. His moods. His tight jeans. His muscles.

His huge, hard muscles.

Pretty soon there’s a whole different kind of tension between us, the kind that has me misbehaving in barns, trees, and pickup trucks. I’ve never done anything so out of character—but it feels too good to stop.

And the more I learn about the grieving ex-Army sergeant, the better I understand him. Losing his wife left him broken and bitter and blaming himself. He doesn’t think he deserves a second chance at happiness.

But he’s wrong.

I don’t need to be his first love. If only he’d let me be his last.Funky Beats (7)



Funky Beats (6)

Anytime a novel starts off with 
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You know it’s going to be pure gold 

After We Fall made every emotion come to life and gave me that perfect EEEK moment. You know that moment where you have a goofy smile plastered on your face and you can’t stop the giggles coming out of your mouth! I live for that moment when reading!

Jack lost his first and only love of his life in a horrible car accident almost three years ago. During the three years he’s lived his life avoiding people and keeping to himself. The only thing he truly cares about are his close family members and his farm.

Margot has always pictured herself being married with kids. The only problem is she’s almost thirty and her dreams of that family and the perfect husband has yet to happen. When Margot’s ex boyfriend shows up in the middle of the night proposing, she is thrown off and declines, only to find the next day that same ring he proposed with is on another womans finger. She reacts the only way a well-mannered woman would, she throws scones!

I laughed so hard when the feisty side of Margot made its debut. I loved seeing her unleash her pain in the form of pelting her asshat of an ex boyfriend with scones. But she controlled herself and ‘didn’t throw the pie’. I LOVED IT!

Margot’s mother has a freak out when word of the scone fight spreads so Margot decides to take a PR job reestablishing a small town farm.

Jack is 100% against bringing in a newcomer to help run ‘HIS’ Farm, especially when the newcomer is a city girl. But he’s about to learn this city girl with a heart of gold might just be the one to heal him.

I cannot even begin to tell you all how much I loved this novel! I loved Jack and the detail of his situation. How much pain he felt that showed brilliantly through the pages. My heart broke for him and his confusion on whether to stay in the past or move on to the future.

My heart also broke for Margot, knowing she was falling for Jack and seeing that Jack wasn’t about to let his past go brought out every emotion in me. It was a killer, but I loved every bit of it.

OMG, I feel like this book is going to put me into a book hangover.

If you haven’t read After We Fall, I highly recommend it!!!

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