Fab 5 Friday

Fab 5 Friday| Top 5 Go To Authors


Hello everyone!

Today I thought for my Fab 5 I would list my go to authors. These are the authors that usually pull me out of book funks and are also my immediate one-click authors! I’ll also post my favorite novel by these authors!

If you all want to join me in the Fab 5 Friday journey all you have to do is leave your link to your post in the comments and/or tag me in your post!

Lets Get Started


It’s impossible for me to have a favorite authors list and not have this lady’s name on it. I love her writing style. She weaves a story with the power that completely takes over her reader’s mind. I love the vividness she paints with the details she adds.

My favorite Katy Evans novel is……

Real (Real, #1)



Victoria Ashley is amazing when it comes to writing sexy men and independent women, the detail Victoria Ashley puts into her characters is crazy and amazing. Every novel I have read by her completely consumed me to the point where literally hours passed while reading and I was completely unaware.

My Favorite Victoria Ashley novel is….

Slade (Walk of Shame, #1)


Aurora Rose Reynolds

Of course another author that is on almost every list of mine is Aurora Rose Reynolds. If you are looking for an Alpha-male type story line, look no further. This author knows how to write men who are complete alpha-males. The men in her novels are possessive, protective, and sexy as sin! I’m addicted to Mrs. Reynolds writing style. I love how the details flow effortlessly and she knows how to make her reader’s swoon with her male lead Aurora Rose Reynolds also writes under the pen name C.A. Rose

My Favorite Aurora Rose Reynolds novel is…

Until June (Until Her, #2)

LK Collins

I love this husband/wife duo that makes up LK Collins. One thing I have come to expect from a LK Collins novel is 100% emotion. I feel what the characters are feeling. Their hearts break and mine is breaking right along with. But not only is the emotion behind the characters they create pure perfection but also the plots are intriguing and very addictive.

My Favorite LK Collins novel is…

Product Details

Natasha Madison

Natasha Madison is a new author but she has quickly became one of my favorites. I have read every novel this author has written…and i loved them all. She has a way of writing humorous scenes in novels that involve serious subjects. I connect with her characters and become completely involved in the story line. I am addicted to this authors writing style. I love the emotions she pulls out of me. I love how i embarrass myself horribly by laughing out loud in public places while reading her novels.

My Favorite Natasha Madison novel is…

Tempt The Boss

Next weeks topic is going to be: favorite new releases of April ’17

Thanks for checking out my Fab 5!

Who are some of your go to authors?

Let me know ❤

Peace, Love, and Happy Reading,

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