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eArc Review | Grand Slam by Heidi McLaughlin

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Grand Slam (The Boys of Summer, #3)

Title: Grand Slam
Series: The Boys of Summer
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2017

My Rating: 4.5 Stars


Win the game. Lose your heart.
Everyone knows who I am and that I could have any female fan I want. That’s supposed to be the “perk” of playing left field for the Boston Renegades. But I don’t want just any woman; I want her.

She should be just another face in the crowd, but I can’t stop thinking about the one night we spent together-and her look of regret the morning after.

Because Saylor Blackwell is the kind of woman who haunts a man. Smart, sexy as hell, and one of the best managers in the business. She’s every ballplayer’s dream woman. And I’d do anything to make things right with her.

I’m done sitting on the bench when it comes to Saylor Blackwell. Time to swing for the fences.

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*I received an ARC through the publisher via Netgalley*

Throughout The Boys of Summer series there has been one character that has left me intrigued time and time again. One character that I needed to know more about. One character that had me laughing immensely with his clever yet hilarious one liners.

Travis Kidd, is the jokester of the Renegades. He’s also the man whore. His teammate has told him time and time again that he needs to settle himself down or one day the man whoring is going to get him into trouble, but Travis Kidd just shrugged his shoulder. Travis Kidd wakes up after a night of getting turned down by the ‘one that got away’ and he is faced with rape accusations by a woman scorned and a defense attorney that is looking to make an example out of a major league baseball player. Saylor gets called on his case by her boss who is also Kidd’s manager. She’s in charge of making him look good in the public eye. But what the public doesn’t know is, Saylor holds the keys to Travis’ freedom. All she has to do; confess what she saw that night. But in confessing to Travis’ innocence, she’s also admitting to her own guilt and looking at a jail time sentence.

I really enjoyed this novel!  This one differed a little in the fact that it did not take place on the diamond. Grand Slam took place when baseball season was over and the renegades were on a break. This novel was also a shade darker that the previous novels.

There were so many times I wanted to slap Saylor in the face, even though I completely understood why she kept quite. I felt for Travis, my heart broke for him time and time again. He didn’t deserve to get dragged through the mud. And the DA,,,,,Someone needs to fire his ass. Because frankly I have never felt more rage with any other book character than I felt with that smug S.O.B.

I absolutely adored Saylor’s 5-year-old daughter, Lucy. I loved the moments between Lucy and Travis. Those moments easily made up for the rage I was feeling brought on by the DA. I’m not going to talk to much about their cuteness just so you can enjoy it firsthand for yourself, just know they are freaking adorable together.

This is a great novel, be warned it is different from the previous novels, but it is still great. I loved the difference and the notion that not everything in the sports world is million dollar paychecks and finding the one. This novel had a realism about it that is unlike any other sports novel I’ve read.

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Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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