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ARC Review | Kash by: Victoria Ashley

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Kash (Walk Of Shame 2nd Generation #3)

Title: Kash
Series: Walk of Shame 2nd Generation #3
Author: Victoria Ashley
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: June 17th, 2017

My Rating:  ✮✮✮✮✮


My name is Kash Knight and I’m a fucking protector…

It runs deep in me, this need to dedicate myself to a woman and make her feel secure and cared for in every single way. Not just physically, but emotionally.

But when women see my hard body, all they want is for me to pleasure them and give them their ultimate fantasy. I need something more though, someone I can give my heart to.

And when my eyes land on the sassy blonde that seems too busy to put her needs first, I know without a doubt that it’s her I want to take out and show what it feels like to go out with a real man.

To be touched by a real man.

Eden Quinn…

I need a chance for her to see me as something other than just a male fucking stripper– a dirty temptation that knows how to make a whole room of women hot and wet.

Slowly, I begin to work my way in and when I find out she has a son that means more to her than life itself, I want so much more than I ever could’ve fucking imagined.

I want to take care of them and show Eden what it’s like to be safe and protected.

I’m making her mine and nothing is going to stand in my way… not even him.

Funky Beats (7)

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Funky Beats (6)

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

I’m not going to even lie…I read this novel in less than six hours. KASH completely consumed me! I cannot believe this is the last Walk Of Shame novel, but honestly what a way to end the series! I fell hard for Kash!

“I wanted a chance for her to see me as something other than just a male fucking stripper that knows how to make a whole room of women hot and wet. I’m so much more than that. I’m a man that shows dedication to my woman and fights with everything in me to keep her feeling safe and cared for in every single way.

He’s not only sensitive and sweet but also Fierce and protective over Eden and her five-year old son Alec!

“Fighting for the ones I care about is what I do. Nothing can stop me from doing that.”

I didn’t think it would be possible….but…..I have a new favorite Walk Of Shame man! Kash is not only a male entertainer who performs at the Walk of Shame but he is also an amateur fighter who is saving up to open his own training gym, a dream that was both his and his dad’s. That’s right ladies this man has moves on a stage and in a ring!

“Gotta stand out somehow when it comes to making money and I’ve learned women like a little mystery.

I also have to show Eden some love.I loved the type of woman she was in this novel. She is severely independent looking to solely provide a good life for her five-year old son Alec.

I  loved the one on one moments between Alec and Kash. oh gosh did I love the man Kash is! I freaking loved the fact that he was put in this book to be a father to that little boy! It is clear as day Kash was meant to be Alec’s father figure!

“I want to be her safety; the one she can come to when she needs comfort and protection from everything bad in this fucked up world. I want to be that for her and Alec.

Kash made me swoon! I cannot wait to re-read this novel!

I highly recommend Kash and the other walk of shame men, if you have not read them yet!!! These are some amazingly sexy alpha males! Do not miss out!

Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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