4 stars · Book Review

ARC Review | Tied by: Elena M. Reyes & N. Isabelle Blanco

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Tied (Voyeur, #2)

Title: Tied
Series: The Voyeur Series Part 2
Genre: Dark Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: July 25, 2017

My Rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮


That bloody bitch thinks she’s the biggest villain here . . .

And I’m going to let her keep thinking that.

She thinks she knows how far I’ll go to save Ivy.

In reality, she has no fucking clue. I’d kill for her.

My humanity recedes while a demon is born.

I want their blood on my hands. The stakes are beyond high, trapped in this sex dungeon with no way out. Our loved ones are being threatened while we’re being forced to endure.

But none of that matters to me as much as the endgame. I’ll be leaving here once I take the two things that matter most:

I’ll be claiming my woman. And once I find our way out, I’ll be taking our captor’s life too.

She thought she could threaten my girl.

I’m about to show her just how wrong she is.

Funky Beats (6)

ARC received for review purposes


WARNING: Tied is just as, If not more, f*cked up than Taken was!!!!! Have a psychologist’s number ready on speed dial!

I am intrigued and ‘still’ somewhat terrified by the depth of darkness these two authors bring to the Voyeur series. Just a warning, If you have not read Taken, I highly suggest you do. Tied is a continuation of Taken. This series is completely f*cked up and I cannot get enough of it! I have never read a series as insanely dark as the Voyeur series.

Ivy and Noah are still trapped and forced to follow the mysterious sadistic bitch’s orders! Only this time the stakes are higher and the consequences are deadlier.

The first chapter allows us to gain a better visual of Ivy and Noah’s friendship before they were drugged, captured, and forced to do sexy things to one another in order to save their loved one’s lives. I greatly appreciate the calming before all hell breaks loose.

I am even more intrigued by this series and cannot wait to see what this mysterious sadistic bitch has in store for Ivy and Noah next. Noah is a ticking time bomb and I have a feeling Broken is going to be even more heart stopping!

Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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