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Book Review | Release by Lucia Franco


Release (Off Balance, #3)

(Off-Balance #3)
By: Lucia Franco

Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 30th, 2019
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format: Kindle Unlimited


After Kova’s devastating betrayal, Adrianna must become her own champion and place her Olympic dream ahead of all else. In doing so, she ignores the warning signs as both the extreme training and unending heartbreak begin to take their toll.

There is no atoning for what Kova did. The vow he made cannot be undone. With boundaries set and lines clearly defined, Kova will now have to be the one to relinquish control in order to regain Adrianna’s trust.

Though the dynamics shift between coach and gymnast, nothing can prepare them for the agonizing truth that is to come. Fighting for a dream becomes only half the battle when Adrianna’s fate is sealed, leaving them both with their biggest challenge yet.

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What a ride! 

Holy Moly! Lucia Franco has once again managed ti control my whole day with her written words!

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Release is the third book in the Off Balance series and I highly recommend you read tge books in order. I’m completely shocked right now, given that ending there are so many tears and so many questions.

With her dreams within fingertips reach and gold on her mind, Adrianna must choose between what matters to her and what is most important for her. She’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and for once her world isn’t revolving around Kova. She’s got bigger issues risking an end to her dreams.

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I told myself I wasn’t going to read Release by Lucia Franco until Twist and Dismount released. But then something happened and I accidentally added it to my kindle unlimited library. And I accidentally read a few pages and then I read a few more and basically binged on this book all day. I am so consumed by this series! I can’t help but devour every word this author writes! I’m absolutely enamored by Adrianna and Kova’s story and the drama that always finds them.

I thought the coach and gymnast relationship dynamic in this novel was stronger than before. I loved the fierce connection Adrianna and Kova have. There is no denying chemistry and these two have it in spades! But given the fact that Kova is now married kind of puts a dampening effect on all that was sexy and smoldering. I loved the fact that this novel wasn’t all wrapped up in sex and in the end I felt a greater emotional connection between the two.

Adrianna deals with a lot of personal stuff throughout this novel. I have to say, some parts in this novel were really difficult for me to read, especially that ending. My dad suffers from a very rare autoimmune disease and he’s been through several things that were mentioned in the novel. My heart literally broke for Adrianna because I know the fear she dealt. Trust me when I say, the fear and the raw emotions at the end of this novel brings a sense of terrifying reality to Adrianna’s story. My heart is still hurting over that last scene.

I absolutely loved everything about this novel. I felt this one was more thought out than the first two books in the series. The plot was nearly flawless with loads of laughs and tears. It’s everything I was expecting plus so much more. That cliffhanger was brutal though. In need to know if all is going to be okay with Adrianna! This was a great read and so far my favorite in the series! I can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Kova and Adrianna!

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Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2WmAXx3
Amazon Worldwide: http://getbook.at/ReleaseLuciaFranco


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Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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