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Book Review | From The First Verse – M. Robinson

From The First Verse: Enemy's Little Sister/Rock Star Romance (Life of Debauchery Duet Book 1) by [M Robinson]

From The First Verse
By: M. Robinson

Series: Life Of Debauchery Duet
Book Number In Series: 1 of 2
Genre: Rockstar Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: March 24th, 2020
My Rating: 5 Stars


Dear diary,

Once upon a time…

There was a girl with long golden hair who had the truest, bluest eyes that turned white when she cried.

She lived in a kingdom far, far away in a tower made of stone, but her mind was made of glass that she kept sharp as knives.

Where her memories hid behind her darkest doubts.
Her deepest thoughts.
Her diary became the only thing she could rely on.

No one saw through her looking glass.
No one cared.
No one tried.

Until the villain presented himself as the hero in her life.
He took and took and took some more.

With no regret.
With no shame.
With no apology.

The page never turned.
Their story didn’t end.
Tomorrow never came.
His life of debauchery was their journey to nowhere.

She’d give anything to go back in time.
To walk where she had walked.
To see what she had seen.
One step.
One breath.
One day at a time.
Though in the end, “I love you” were just words.

That destroyed us inside.

My Review

OH MY HEART! You know the moment when you read the first book from a duet and you are left absolutely speechless and scared shitless for what’s to come….. Yep, that’s basically me in a nutshell.. If you need me I’ll be rocking myself in a corner.

About The Novel:

Usually at this time I would be telling you a bit about what this story is about. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I tried to write what this first part of Cash and Journey’s story was all about… without giving away spoilers…. I found this task impossible, so I’m going to skip that part for now. Trust me when I say, this book is going to blow your mind either way.

My Thoughts:

In the past few years M. Robinson has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Not only does she write compelling stories but she steals your heart right along with it. Her characters immediately draw you in and capture your heart from the first moment you’re introduced. Angst is my greatest weakness, the more emotional the novel, the more I love it. M. Robinson is The Queen Of Angst!!!

If you all have read the Love Hurts Duet (Jackson & Harley’s story) I’m pretty sure I’m safe to assume the majority of readers had a love/hate relationship with Cash McGraw. I may just be one of a few when I say, I loved Cash McGraw from the moment he stepped into my life!!! What can I say, I’m a sucker for a man with a guitar…ask anyone and they’ll say that’s how the love of my life gained my attention. With a guitar and a song. I’ve always felt a familiarity with Cash’s character. I honestly was Team Cash throughout that whole damn duet… I actually cried when Cash broke Harley’s heart… That was one of the only times I really hated this character.

Throughout From The First Verse my heart aches for Cash. I legit wanted to crawl into my kindle and throw my arms around this fictional boy. All he wanted was to be loved and accepted for who he is, not changed into the vision of a life others see for him. I have to say, I loved Cash’s stubborn streak and his no fucks to give attitude. I loved his ability to stand his ground and not back down from the way he sees his life. Living life and loving hard sometimes hurts you in the long run. Cash did everything he could to gain acceptance, and for a boy to never feel accepted for who he is on the inside, really hit me in the heartstrings.

Now onto Miss Journey. We all know Journey as the adorably booty shaking baby from the Pierced Hearts Duet, and the Love Hurts Duet. We’ve gotten sneak peeks of Cash and Journey’s adorable bond, but now it’s time to experience Journey and Cash’s relationship from the very beginning. I loved watching this relationship evolve from a boy playing a guitar for a baby girl, to a friendship, and then into something more. It sounds really odd saying it that way, but these two seriously melted my heart. I have to say, I Loved the sweetness that a young Journey brought to this novel, but what I loved most was the fierceness and sassy vibes an older more legal Journey brought to the table. What a spitfire. I can already assume what’s going to come to the conclusion!

Before I even opened Cash and Journey’s story I knew there was going to be a load of hardships and possibly a few tears. I can say with a grin on my face, I held in my emotions like a champ!! It’s always a mission to try to hold in my emotions when reading a novel by Mrs. Robinson. I had my doubts this mission would end in my favor. But after many scrunched up faces, and many moments of taking deep calming breaths, I found myself at the end with vindication in my eyes!!

With that being said, I’ve never feared a conclusion as much as I fear the conclusion to Cash and Journey’s story. I know there are going to be an endless supply of tears in my future…. Damn, and I thought I did so good with holding in my emotions during From The First Verse….. I literally ended this book with a few curse words. I threw my kindle on the floor…. And my kindle is one of my most treasured possessions…. Aside from my Johnny Cash albums.

M. Robinson is about to slay all of our hearts… if they haven’t already been slayed yet. Trust me when I say, you aren’t going to want to miss out on the Life Of Debauchery Duet!!

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Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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