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Book Review | Winter’s Arrow by Lexi C. Foss (The Sinister Fairy Tales Collection)

Winter’s Arrow
By: Lexi C. Foss

Series: X-Clan Series, #4
Genre: Dark Romance
Trope: Shifter/Paranormal
Publisher: Ninja Newt Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: May 14, 2020


True love is a myth.
A trick.
A way to subdue the heroine and take everything from her.

Winter Snow
My “true love” conspired with my stepmother to have me killed and stole my throne.

But they failed.

I’ve been in hiding and refining my vengeance. I’m no longer the damsel they mistook me for once upon a time. I’m coming for them. And my kingdom, too.

Who needs dwarves when you have wolves?
Who needs blades when you have arrows?

My name used to be Snow. Now they call me the Winter’s Arrow. Because I’m here to destroy them all.

Kazek Flor
I’m not a prince but an Alpha. And I take what I want, when I want it. So when I found an Omega princess dying in the woods, I took her and made her mine.

I’ll train her. Embolden her. Help her seek the vengeance she is owed. Then, together, we’ll take down Winter Sector and the wicked Queen of Mirrors.

Run fast, little wolves.
Your former princess is about to rise with me by her side.
And we’re thirsting for your blood.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone Snow White retelling and based in the X-Clan Omegaverse universe.

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Lexi C. Foss is a new to me author… and after finishing Winter’s Arrow it can be said that this author will be on my * to watch out for* list!

About Winter’s Arrow:

Winter’s Arrow by Lexi C. Foss is one of many fairy tale retellings in the Sinister Fairy Tale Collection. This novel is dark and deliciously dangerous. It’s a retelling of snow white and the seven dwarfs, only this version is based on shifter’s and sexy as sin mating rituals.

Snow Frost is the last remaining heir of the Winter Sector. Raised as a Beta, Snow fears her future nuptials and her fate. After hearing Alpha Vanessa’s plans to have her knotted to death, the seven protectors come up with a plan and stow her away on a plane to get her the hell out of there. They send her to Alpha Ludvig, an old family friend. He’ll know what to do to protect this little Beta…. Right?

But once the plane lands in Ludvig’s sector, Snow is about to realize death by the hands of Alpha Vanessa isn’t the worst thing that can happen. The worst thing that could happen, is in fact happening. Snow Frost is not a beta, she’s an omega and the only one who can save her is Alpha Kazek.

My Thoughts:

I can count on one hand how many shifter novels I have read in my lifetime. I went into this novel with open eyes and an open mind and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by this deliciously dark tale. I couldn’t get enough of this world! I need more!

There is so much danger and anticipation set around this world Lexi C. Foss has created! I’m even more intrigued having finished the novel than I was when I started. I’m definitely going to look for similar books like this in the future.

Snow was an interesting character. I loved her backbone and unwillingness to back down from the things that are most important to her. I loved the moment when she realized she was stronger than what she was raised to think. I loved the moment she let Beta Snow go and in her place the Omega Winter was born. Fucking fierce, strong, and ready to overthrow the bitch that hid her true identity all these years.

Alpha Kazek was an alpha in every single form. But when it was just him and Winter he let his humanity shine bright. He showed her his love and his ability to be soft hearted. My heart melted time and time for this man. He was the perfect mate for WInter in all ways.
The only reason I rated it a four instead of a full five star rating is due to the zombie moment. I honestly felt this was just thrown in as a shock factor. There were already so many threats around every corner…. That zombie moment didn’t really need to be included in this novel. It threw me off for a moment.

Overall, this was a great thrill seeking read. I loved the danger, the darkness, and the sexiness that came with this story. I was invested in this story and my attention was captured right from the start. I loved Winter’s fierceness and Kazek’s strong alpha vibes. These two were meant to rule and run the world!!

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