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2021 | January & February Wrap Up


I spaced out and forgot to post my January Wrap Up at the end of last month. In order to stay on a set posting pace, I decided to lump the two months together. So far I only read nineteen books this year. Usually my total is above and beyond that, but it’s been a cluster of a year. I am proud to say, my drive to read all the books has increased since last month. Here’s to hoping I can continue on this read all the books mantra I have going on right now.

January Reads:

The Chase (Briar U, #1) – Elle Kennedy
Damaging Rumors – Rachael Brownell
Indulgence – K.A. Berg

The Revenge Pact (Kings of Football, #1) – Ilsa Madden-Mills
The Romantic Pact (Kings of Football, #2) – Meghan Quinn
The Relationship Pact (Kings of Football, #3) – Adriana Locke

February Reads:

Blindsided (Moo U, #1) – Victoria Denault
Slapshot (Moo U, #2) – Rebecca Jenshak
Holdout (Moo U, #3) – Jaqueline Snowe

Only One Touch (Only One Series, #4) – Natasha Madison
Beneath The Stars (Falling Stars, #4) – A.L. Jackson
The Kiss (Playboy Pact, #1) – M. Robinson

Pushing You Away (Ex-Con Duet series, #3) – Kennedy Fox
Refuel (The Driven World) – Chiquita Dennie
Hold The Forevers – K.A. Linde

Flow (Grip Series, Prequel) – Kennedy Ryan
Grip (Grip Series, #1) – Kennedy Ryan
Still (Grip Series, #2) – Kennedy Ryan

Four Weddings and A swamp Boat Tour – Erin Nicholas

Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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