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Book Review | Kiss by Kiss (Riggins Brothers Series, #3) by: Kaylee Ryan

Kiss by Kiss by Kaylee Ryan

Kiss by Kiss
By: Kaylee Ryan

Series: Riggins Brothers
Book #: 3 of 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: Paperback | Pages: 261
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: February 16, 2021

My Rating: 4 Stars


One look at Grant Riggins standing in my bakery looking at me like I’m his last meal is enough to know I’m in way over my head. He’s relentless in his pursuit. The kind of man I could get lost in. But Grant makes me wish for things I can’t have. I’ve finally got my life back. The last thing I need is to fall for the first man to give me a second glance, even if he does seem sincere in his efforts to win me over.

Aurora Steele smiles shyly across the counter, captivating me with her warm hazel eyes and effortless beauty. Her bakery is filled with mouthwatering treats, but the thing I crave the most is not on the menu. I know one taste of Aurora will never be enough. She’s different than other women, and she’s definitely immune to the Riggins charm. But I’ll prove to her I’m different too, and kiss by kiss, I’ll make her mine.

Kleymissky Regular

I needed a swoony hero with a protective side and I needed a read with strong family vibes. Kaylee Ryan delivered all those things in Kiss by Kiss! Grant Riggins is exactly what I needed today!

In My Own Words:

Kiss by Kiss is the third book in Kaylee Ryan’s Riggins Brothers series. Although its a series, Aurora and Grant’s story can be read as a standalone.

Aurora Steele is on a journey of self reflection. That journey has led her to doing something she’s always wanted to do, and with a small amount of inheritance she received from her late grandmother, she has finally achieved one dream. She’s finally opened up her bakery, and she’s doing well for herself. She’s on top of the world and nothing can stop her. Until Grant Riggins walks into her bakery looking to cure his sweet tooth.

It’s love at first sight for Grant when he spots Aurora standing behind the display case at the new bakery in town. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring back the spark that was smothered out by Aurora’s ex-fiance. He’ll do everything in his power to help her find the self esteem that was once stripped away from her. Aurora’s his, and somewhere in his heart he knows she’s the one he’s always been searching for.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I have picked up in the Riggins Brothers series and now I’m curious about the first two books in the series. I’m well on my way to marathoning another series. I need more Riggins Bros in my life. Kaylee Ryan brought the swoon and the heart with Grant and Aurora’s story. I loved how understanding Grant was to Aurora’s insecurities and to her needs. He’s the final step she needed to rediscovering herself and gaining back her self esteem. This tatted man with the perfect body, saw Aurora for who she was and saw her curves as perfection.

One thing I’ve come to expect, and LOVE, from Kaylee Ryan’s novels is her strong family vibes. I loved everything about this family. I loved all the brother’s giving one another shit whenever they were in a room. I loved the laughter and the lightheartedness of it all. But let it be known, if someone messes with one of them, they’ve messed with all of them. My heart was gone the moment Grant brought Aurora and her sister Aspen into his circle. I LOVED IT!

My heart broke for all Aurora went through in the past. We’ve all had moments of insecurity, which is normal in any human life. When you give your heart to someone they are supposed to cherish it, But in the case of Aurora’s past, she gave this abusive asshole the immense power of stripping away her self-esteem, self-confidence, and her future. Leaving in it’s wake a shell of the person she used to be. Sometimes I feel mental and emotional abuse is harsher than physical abuse. You can’t see the bruises inflicted on someone’s soul.

Which leads to why I rated this book 4 star rating. I felt like the ending was drastically rushed. I wanted to see Grant lay ground to the Elijah threat. I needed more from this portion of Grant and Aurora’s story. I fell unfulfilled where this matter is concerned. I needed that closure for Aurora.

In the end, I really loved this novel, these characters, and the romance between Grant and Aurora. Kaylee Ryan brought the swoon and the heart with this one. I’m actually really intrigued to see Aspen get her own story. I’m curious to see who she falls for!! This woman is hell on heals, there is no doubt about it.

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