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Book Review | Holding You Close by: Kennedy Fox

Holding You Close (Noah & Katie duet #2): A Small Town Romance (Lawton Ridge Duet Series Book 4) by [Kennedy Fox]

Holding You Close
by Kennedy Fox

Series: Lawton Ridge Duet Series (Noah & Katie Duet, #2)
Book # In Series: 4 of 6

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: March 16th, 2021
My Format: Amazon Kindle (Advanced Copy)


After serving a decade long prison sentence for an accident that resulted in my husband’s death, Noah Reid returns. Even if he was my childhood best friend and the first man I secretly loved, I refuse to make it easy for him. But the heart never forgets and those old repressed feelings quickly bubble to the surface.

Loving him is a dangerous game but one I’m willing to play. 

Flirting leads to falling between the sheets, and I’m forced to deal with the guilt of what we’re doing. Viciousness towards Noah runs rampant and while revenge trickles through the streets of Lawton Ridge, I realize there’s more on the line than just my heart. While I’m afraid that my son and I will be caught in the crossfire of those who want to hurt Noah, I can’t walk away. 

Secrets are revealed and revelations are made but losing him again isn’t an option—especially since I’m pregnant. 

HOLDING YOU CLOSE is a slow burn, angsty friends to lovers romance with lots of small-town, Southern drama. It’s book 2 in the Noah & Katie duet and must be read in order.

My Review

Oh my goodness gracious! Kennedy Fox has, once again, pulled me into their web of tales and caused me to fall in love with their characters. Noah and Katie’s story is unforgettable!

Holding You Close is the second book in Noah and Katie’s duet, if you haven’t read Pushing You Away yet, I highly recommend you do that before reading on with this review of Holding You Close. Trust me when i say, you don’t want to miss out on all the suspense this single mother and her best friend are put through! This was a duet I couldn’t put down.

Katie and Noah’s conclusion picks up where the beginning leaves off. Noah’s in the hospital and in his state of awareness he recognizes voices in his hospital room making plans for his demise. But what those two individuals don’t realize, Noah isn’t going anywhere without a fight. He has too much to live for now.

I loved seeing Noah’s sweet side just a bit more in this novel. He had some hard situations to face, and not just with the folks who wanted him dead. This man fell in love with a woman who was once his best friend, and who was also once his cousin’s wife. She has a son out of the relationship with Gabe. A son who never got to meet his father, a father who Noah accidentally killed when a fight broke out between them. This man had the weight of the world on his shoulders… but he never once backed down. He took the heavy in strides. He concealed his demons and fought for the life he should have had all those years ago. And guess what, good eventually wins in the end.

I think I liked the moments with Katie’s son, Owen, the most. This kid had the weight of the world on his shoulders also. I was scared for him to find out the brutal past that revolved around his dad, Gabe, and Noah. I was scared the kid would be too young to understand that accidents happen. But this kid took the news with a spoonful of maturity! I honestly sat back with my eyes wide and a smile on my face. I was expecting the lash out period and I’m slightly thrilled that Kennedy Fox decided to take a different route with this touchy subject. I loved how Owen handled it. I loved how Owen still had the same respect and heroism vibes for Noah as he did before learning the past truth.

As for Katie, I loved her willingness to stand by and defend Noah through thick and thin. She was his ultimate ride or die. She smelled bullshit coming from ____ and her mama bear claws came out until the moment the truth was exposed. I loved her protective nature for all those she loved. She put herself in the line of fire many times to protect all. I really loved her character throughout this duet.

Overall, this was a great ending to a wonderful duet. The four star rating is due to my nit-picky self. I felt a few scenes were rushed and I wanted a few more one on one chats between Noah and Owen. But as for the rest of the novel. My heart is full and happy. What can I say, I love a Kennedy Fox Happily Ever After!!

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