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Book Review | Chaos At Prescott High – C.M. Stunich

Chaos At Prescott High (The Havoc Boys Book 2) by [C.M. Stunich]

Chaos At Prescott High
By: C.M. Stunich

Series: The Havoc Boys
Book Number In Series: 2 of 5
Genre: Dark New Adult Romance
Trope(s): Enemies To Lovers, Reverse Harem, High School Bully
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: July 15th, 2020
My Format: Kindle Unlimited
My Rating: 4 stars


There’s one gang you don’t piss off at Prescott High, not unless you want them to destroy you.
The Havoc Boys.
My enemies turned friends turned lovers.

These boys have never been saints, but this war that’s brewing is resurrecting their inner demons.
Once upon a time, I was their target. This time, I’m calling the shots.
Senior year is my year.

This year, I’m going to bring down my enemies.
This year, I’m going to run my tongue along the blade of vengeance and taste blood.
The Havoc Boys are mine, and we were here first.

You don’t mess with a Havoc Girl without paying the price.
You don’t start a rebellion without a little bloodshed.
My boys and I don’t mind using two wrongs to make a right—I just hope our brewing obsession with one another doesn’t kill us all first.

My Review

Chaos At Prescott High is the second book in C.M. Sunich’s The Havoc Boys series. This book is NOT a standalone and should be read after reading Havoc At Prescott High! Trust me, it’s a wild ride. I don’t intend on spoiling anybody in this review and I’m going to try to make it as spoiler free as I possibly can. However, this is the review for the second book in a continuation series so go in expecting a few spoilerish thoughts….

In My Own Words:

Bernadette Blackbird never imagined traipsing into her senior year with a list and calling Havoc would result in her life spiraling down the dark black abyss that it has. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s where she was always meant to be, the future queen of havoc with her kings by her side.

With the world against them, the most feared gang at Prescott High will do anything in their power to make sure vengeance is served, even if they have to pull out their most evil of cards. You play with the hand you’re dealt…

My Thoughts:

The more I read of the Havoc Boys series, the more I want!! I’m legit obsessed with these alpha studs and their queen! Holy hell, C.M. Stunich definitely knows her way around writing dark romances.

Havoc (Hael, Aaron, Victor, Oscar, and Callum) bring the danger to the surface in this novel. Their antics are even darker and deadlier than the book before. Their hearts are further invested in the cause which is finding redemption for Bernadette and the wrongs committed against her. But also, the possession each boy feels towards her gets stronger. I’m excited to see how this possession eventually plays out in the end.

I was surprised by Bernadette’s strength through this novel. I love when authors incorporate strong female leads in their novels, and this woman is as fierce as they come! Page by page i can see Bernadette consume the darkness that is havoc. There was a time in Chaos At Prescott High, where I worried she would lose all sense and form of her humanity. It’s gotten close a few times, but one of her boys always pulls her back. I’m predicting by the end of this series, there will be a moment where Bernadette loses herself to the darkness. When/If that moment comes, I will probably cry my eyes out!

Now onto the Reverse Harem aspect. If you are a reader who absolutely despises this trope, I suggest you skip this book. But, If you are a reader who thinks, the more the merrier… the darker the better, YES! This is the series for you!! There is no denying these six characters definitely let their freak flag fly and I am HERE FOR IT!! I think the craziest sexy time scene I read, so far, involves Oscar and Bernadette….. I’m not going to lie, their moment together completely grossed me out but for some unknown reason, I couldn’t stop reading… it was an interesting concept, that’s for sure.

Overall, I loved Chaos At Prescott High! I loved everything from the twists and turns to the sexy as sin vibes, This series is topped full of danger and grit. I’m officially invested and obsessed at this point. I’m intrigued to see what journey the Havoc Boys and Bernadette take next. I’ll be starting Mayhem At Prescott High (Book Three) pretty soon and I can’t wait!! Bring on the rest of this binge!

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3 thoughts on “Book Review | Chaos At Prescott High – C.M. Stunich

    1. I’m nearing the halfway mark of Mayhem At Prescott High, and is it just me or is this one dragging by slowly? I’m liking it, but I’m craving the action from the previous two. I also want to get down to the bottom of this Oscar character… what’s his deal? Where did he come from? And what’s up with all those suits he wears? 🤣 I think I need a story based on his character alone in order to unveil all his secrets.

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