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Title: Sparrow
Series: Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club #2
Author: Victoria Jayne
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Adult Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 14, 2021

Regrets. She has a few.

Nothing went how Sparrow Malone planned. Her boyfriend didn’t get clean. She didn’t take the entrance exam, and the motorcycle club her father had been a part of is crumbling. To add insult to injury, Jacob didn’t stay in Montana.

Screw him over once, shame on her. Do it twice, shame on him. Jacob gave up on Sparrow when he left without her two years ago. But Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club still had business in Ohio. Which meant he did too.

The first time, it wasn’t their fault. Their second chance didn’t end well. While both swore never to repeat past mistakes, they can’t help themselves.




A fling, a moment of weakness, a fond memory, those were the things Jacob Karolsson was supposed to be. He was supposed to stay in her goddamn fantasy and in fucking Montana.
Okay, one time. There was one time she’d allow him into Ohio. The rally. She’d concede that. He could come for the rally and she would avoid it like the plague. It shouldn’t be too hard. It was good to have a plan.
“You got any Jameson back there?” he asked once the crowd practically parted for him to walk to the bar. The whiteness of his teeth was a stark contrast to his dark beard as he put his elbows on the bar top, smiled, and leaned over it.
Frozen in place, Sparrow looked him over as though she wasn’t sure he was real. Enforcer. Blinking at him, she realized he’d gotten an officer position. When her gaze made it to his light blue eyes, she stuffed the lollipop in her mouth.
Jesus Christ those eyes.
Something jabbed her in the side, and the trance was broken. The hum of conversation over Aerosmith rushed to her ears, and she turned to see Kimber holding a bottle of Jameson, and peering at her questionably. Caught staring at him like a high school girl with a crush. Could she be any more pathetic?
Taking it, she offered a smile to Kimber first and then looked to Jacob. Still grinning, he seemed to have added a bit of smugness to it. Clearing her throat, she half-filled a lowball glass and placed it on a napkin for him.
Placing a twenty on the bar, he reached for his glass, allowing his digits to graze hers. Fire danced up her fingers, over her hand, and through her arm. She should have yanked her hand back. She should have looked away from him. She shouldn’t have turned into a puddle where she stood.
“Thank you,” he mouthed before pulling the glass away from her and bringing it to his lips.
Could someone sip whiskey sexily? Was it possible? It shouldn’t be. As much as she wanted to fan herself, she couldn’t. So, she did the next best thing. “You got this?” She may have asked Kimber the question, but she had no intention of staying for the answer.
“No! Wait, I…” Kimber’s voice trailed off as Sparrow made her way out the door of the bar. Dick move. She knew it, but if the woman knew what the hell it was about, she’d understand. Anyone who had any inkling of what had gone on between Sparrow and Jacob would understand why she’d just fled the bar.
The cool Ohio air chilled her heated skin as she walked along the side of the cinderblock building, heading for the back parking lot. She just needed to walk to her car and to drive away from all of it. It was too real.
Her car. Fuck. She didn’t have her car.
As the realization hit, she turned, and her back pressed against the bricks. Closing her eyes, her head hit the wall. She needed to figure out a way to handle these little pop-ups.
“I’m going to have to buy you a new shirt.” The deep timbre of his voice heated her just as much as the memory of his touch did.
“Why are you here?” she demanded without looking. The accusation in her tone wasn’t on purpose, but it was too late now. It’d been said.
The heat of his body close to hers tickled her skin. She might as well have been set on fire at the feel of his hands on her face. Before she could stop herself, she nuzzled into his palm. He made her lose her fucking head with the slightest of touches.
“Do you mean Ohio or the bar?” he whispered in her ear when he brushed his bearded cheek against hers. It looked coarse, but his facial hair was impossibly soft. The feel of it had her face tingling as much as his breath along her neck.

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Victoria Jayne is a Jersey Girl through and through. She doesn’t pump gas, she eats pork roll, and grew up on the shore. She lives with her journalist husband and her two darling daughters.

When not writing, Victoria enjoys baking with her daughters, rooting for the New Jersey Devils, thinking of home improvement projects for her husband, daydreaming/planning vacations she’ll never take, and staying up far too late chatting on Discord.

The worlds of Suzanne Wright, JD Tyler, Dianne Duvall, Elisabeth Naughton, Madeline Sheehan, Tillie Cole, Kim Jones, JL Drake, and Joanne Wylde inspired Victoria. After binge reading them, she committed to writing and publishing her own books. She loves discovering new authors and the characters they create just as much as her own.




My Review:

And this is exactly how I wanted Sparrow Malone and Jacob *Romeo* Karolsson’s story to end! Thank you Victoria Jayne for the ultimate happily ever after!!

Sparrow is the second book in the Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club series. This novel is a continuation for Jacob. If you are like me, and couldn’t put Jacob and Sparrow’s part one down, you are in for a treat!! Forget Romeo and Juliet, this tale of lollipops and leather had me off kilter! Thank heaven’s for happily ever afters! I loved everything from the suspense to the sexy as sin moments!

Let’s start with Jacob *Romeo*. This man is just as swoony as he was in the first book, only this story concludes with higher stakes and more hearts on the line. Jacob still hasn’t been able to get Sparrow off his mind. A few more years of distance and the backseat of his bike is still empty and reserved for her and only her. After a few months spent in jail, Jacob is finally out and immediately he finds himself getting mixed up in club business. The main Odin’s Fury MC Charter is looking to recruit and patch in the Roughneck Rider MC. But nothing about club and image changing is easy and with doing so the brother’s are forced to separate the strong from the weak, the clean from the dirty, and the brothers who see change as a good thing from the brother’s who think the complete opposite. With going back to Ohio, comes running into his lollipop girl, Sparrow.

Sparrow is just as strong willed as she was in her and Jacob’s first book. I loved this girl’s attitude and her strong common sense vibes. But with every woman comes an Achilles heel, and this one is in the form of her strung out boyfriend Pipes. Which is where a slight trigger warning comes into play. If you aren’t a fan of cheating on relationships in novels, this slight moment may have the potential to be a make it or break it for you. For me, I don’t mind it in this sense due to the boyfriends neglectful actions and all that took place before Sparrow and Jacob hooked up. Just keep in mind, there is one slight episode of cheating… Honestly, I wanted to grab Pipes by the neck and throw him out on his butt… My heart broke for Sparrow and all she went through in this novel.

And holy hellfire this is where the novel gets right up my alley!! The moment Jacob *Romeo* Let’s his inner Alpha Freak fly was the moment I was completely gone. I loved this man’s protective dominance stance maybe more than I loved his slight sweetheart hinted with a touch of danger vibes.This man would move heaven and earth to see Sparrow happy, and when someone steps in and threatens or hurts her, let’s just say this man strikes like a coiled snake.

Overall, there is no denying the chemistry and connection that is Jacob and Sparrow. They were meant to be together and they were meant to live out their happily ever after. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these two!! Although, I am really intrigued to find out what’s up with this Dash dude! After reading the first sneak peek of a chapter, I have to say, I’m anticipating this one sooooo bad right now!!! Bring on all of the bad boy vibes! I want this man’s story and I need it now!!

Hands down, I highly recommend this series.. So far… to those who love MC Romances!!

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Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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