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Book Review | Set Up – T.C. Matson

Set Up (Taking Chances Book 1) by [TC Matson]

Set Up
By: T.C. Matson

Book Series: 
Taking Chances
Book # 
In Series: 1 of 3
Contemporary Romance
Trope(s): CEO, Billionaire, Opposites Attract, Slight Angst
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: February 26, 2020
My Rating: 3 ½ Stars
My Format: Paperback 


TC Matson delivers a love story about two meddling best friends, three blind dates, and one billionaire CEO.

There’s nothing wrong with being single.
I’m not a woman scorned.
There’s no heartbreak I’m recovering from.
I just enjoy not having to answer to anyone and doing what I want when I want.
Unfortunately, my two wonderful best friends think the opposite and decide to meddle.
Just because they’re both happily taken, they believe I should be too.
Their “wonderful” plan?
Speed dating…

A bunch of men and women tossed into a room for a night of awkward dates.
Sounds horrific, right?
But because my signature was forged on the contract, there’s no canceling.

Three men catch my attention.
One steals my heart.
Another steals my time.
And the last one steals my patience.

It doesn’t take long for my heart to betray me and I fall for a billionaire who shatters me.
Now I’m left picking up the pieces and he won’t leave me alone.
Great…Just frickin’ great.

Warning: This book contains multiple moments that will make you want to throat punch the nearest person.
Note: I did not set out for this to become a rom-com, but my characters had different ideas.





I’ve been looking forward to reading more from T.C. Matson the moment I finished Open House! This author definitely knows how to write a swoony hero just as much as she knows how to write angst. So, with that in mind, I went out on a whim and purchased the three books in the Taking Chances series… Fingers crossed I love these books just as much as I loved Open House.

In My Own Words:

Set up is the first book in the Taking Chances series by T.C. Matson. This novel revolves around Billionaire CEO Nathan and fiercely independent Pharmacy Tech Brooklyn. These two have a fire worth fighting for.

Brooklyn is fine living the single life. This woman is also a woman who prides herself on having outstanding morals. She wants a commitment before settling between the sheets. Her best friends, however, see more for her than late nights cuddling up with a good book. So, being the meddling best friends they are, they set Brooklyn up with Insta-Dates a speed dating program. Now Brooklyn finds herself falling fast and hard for a man who won’t open up fully.

Nathan lives his life for his work, leaving very little time for himself. And that’s the way he prefers it. But his best friend has other plans for Nathan, and the plans revolve around a speed dating program.

When Brooklyn and Nathan meet for the first time, they both know the other has the power to bust through the walls they’ve created. Only time will tell if they’ll endure the happiest of ever afters..

My Thoughts:

My heart loved Nathan and Brooklyn’s story! T.C. Matson brought a perfect mixture of angst and swoon to this tale. This series is looking promising! I can’t wait to read more.

Let’s start with Brooklyn’s characters. I loved her independence. This woman doesn’t need a man in her life, unless she wants one in her life. I also loved her relationship with her best friends Aimee and Shyla. These meddling girls are ruthless, but only in the best of ways. They just want what’s best for Brooklyn, and in wanting the best for her, they gave her a little shove out the door and in the dating world. I laughed so hard during their texting moments. These girls are the perfect kind of crazy!

Nathan is the owner of Bennett towers and has numerous hotels all over the country/world. This man is the perfect definition of workaholic. He lives his life for his job, and nothing more. This man also has a meddling best friend who antagonizes him in all shapes and forms. Cody pushes Nathan into Insta-Dates, and I loved those moments he purposely got under Nathan’s skin when in regards to Nathan’s feelings for Brooklyn. Ah! Cody had me laughing, and Nathan had my heart slightly breaking, especially during those vulnerable moments.

Now onto why I decided to give this one a 3 ½ star rating. You see, I loved Brooklyn and Nathan’s romances. But there was a LOT of back and forth when it came down to Brooklyn. And thinking back, these two easily swept all of their issues under the rug. I wanted that epic moment of clarity. The moment where they pour their heart and soul on the table. So, there was a scene where Nathan showed his ass and walked away without letting Brooklyn explain the situation. A few days later, Brooklyn shows up at his office and makes an ass out herself before walking away without allowing him to talk…. And then a few days/weeks, hell I don’t know, later I love you’s are randomly exchanged and their living their happily ever after… HUH!!! To say I was a little confused and dumbfounded would be an understatement. Bottom line, the ending to this novel felt a bit rushed. I needed more of a groundbreaking moment in order to truly feel like this was an epic happily ever after. The ending fell short for me.

Overall, I loved the concept of Brooklyn and Nathan’s story. I also loved the chemistry these characters showed. But I needed more from the ending. I’m heading over to Cody and Aimee’s story (Hook Up) next! I loved Cody in Set Up, so I’m hoping I’ll love him even more in Hook Up!

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