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Welcome back to another Sunday Post! This post is a chance for me to give you a run down on what I’ve been up to, not only in reading and blogging, but on a more personal scale. Sometimes I like to hide away from the world, and this is an opportunity for me to open up a little more and share more of me than just my bookish thoughts. So let’s get started with this post!

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Life has been a rush lately! Buying and owning a house is not only stressful but it’s brought on a series of anxiety and panic attacks. However, it’s mornings like this one when I’m sitting on the back porch looking out into a cornfield that I think, I wouldn’t trade this moment for the world. I never knew how much I missed living in the country until I left it behind for ten years and then moved back. It feels like a different world. No more feeling like I have to constantly be on the move. I was craving that slowdown moment in life where I can sit on my back porch and reflect on the things that are truly important. The fact that I live 20 minutes away from my mom and a few more minutes away from Mr. Man’s mom is the icing on the cake. We’ve had so much family time in the past two weeks. I almost forgot what it felt like to be in a close knit family. God is great, and it’s good to finally be home. We recently purchased a four three bedroom two bath farmhouse that was a generational home. It needed quite a bit of TLC when we first looked at the house, and at times it’s been overwhelming. But with the help from our friends and family, it’s starting to truly feel like a home. I can easily envision starting a forever in this house, having babies in this house, and growing old with the love of my life in this house. It’s not just a house, but a forever home. With that being said, I’ve been putting my all into renovations and fixing up this house while summer is still here, because once winter kicks in the renovation period will have to settle for a slowdown. I’ve been trying to read as much as I can on the downtime, and with my kitchen being in demo mode for the week and our contractor/painter friend putting his all into repairing our walls and ceiling to the point where they look brand new, I found so much time to read! What can I say, as of right now, Life Is Good!

I found myself obsessing over organization videos and cleaning videos on tiktok. And it dawned on me, this is the reasoning behind why canisters and organization supplies are so freaking expensive…. So the other day, I was in the mood to organize my pantry and off to the dollar tree I went! I found so much potential in a very small aisle that day. When all is said and done, I’ll post some before and after photos. Right now, comes the cosmetic portion of the DIY. Painting and changing the shelves. And this is where I’m constantly being told, don’t bite off more than you can chew. I think Mr. Man and I are doing good on picking a room and sticking to it. But there are so many things i want to do this summer… EEK! This house has so much potential. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

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Rushed (Adventures in Love Book 1) by [Aurora Rose Reynolds] Risky (Adventures in Love Book 2) by [Aurora Rose Reynolds]

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Rushed – Adventures In Love Series, Book One –
Aurora Rose Reynolds

(KU: (My Review:
Risky – Adventures In Love Series, Book Two – Aurora Rose Reynolds
(KU: (My Review:

My weekly reading vibe has been sweet romances with slight alpha male vibes. I’ve been reading Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Adventures In Love Series. There are only two books published, so far, and In all honesty, I loved both books, but something about Blake and Everly’s story pulled at every one of my heart strings! These two are #couplegoals. I loved the slow burn vibes and the single mother trope. And little Sampson is just the sweetest. I love the fact that he refers to Blake, a complete stranger, as da da da. They say babies have a keen eye and intuition. This little man hit the hammer right on the head of the nail.  SO if you all are looking for a sweet romance series with all the feels and the famous BOOM moment ARR is known for, don’t hesitate to pick up this series! You won’t be sorry!! Also, Rushed and Risky are currently Free with Kindle Unlimited!!

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Nate Smith is a new to me country singer I have currently on repeat. I heard Reckless on my Spotify and instantly loved the song. I hope you all love it too!

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I finished season two of Outlander and now I’m working my way through season three! I’ve also been binging documentaries on Netflix.

The Girl In The Picture… Honestly, this one gave me a serious case of anxiety. There were so many unknown facets to this one. Like how are we supposed to protect these kids when we have people that are so deranged, skilled and believable. I mean this Franklin Floyd man is SICK…. And this is one main reason why I’m scared to bring children into this world.

Speaking of deranged and skilled at getting away with shit, I also watched Our Father on Netflix…. This documentary is SICK and what’s worse is when I think there is going to be a moment of redemption for these women… the truth on how flawed small town justice systems are, slapped me right in the face. This man was a doctor in a fertility clinic and years upon years later it comes out that he is the father of over 90 children… and counting. He literally gave his own sample and inseminated the woman with it without her or her husbands consent. They went through a process of choosing a donor and believed it was the donor’s sample that was used… This is wrong and his punishment was basically a slap on the wrist. And this is why I find it hard to trust doctors… It’s sickening that he’s not the only one who’s done this… there have been other OB/GYN’s who have been accused of doing this same exact thing without their patients consent. What is wrong with people to think that is okay….

And last but not least, speaking of slap on the wrists and being in the wrong. We have Keep Sweet, Pray, and Obey... What can I say, it’s been a week of nightly documentary binge watching. I was floored by this documentary. I literally have no words for how angry I am for these women and all they go through in the name of religion or what one person *supposed prophet* deems is right and necessary.  This was some serious brain washing shit that took place.. And after watching this one, I decided to give myself a break from Netflix Documentaries….

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I have several books in my Kindle Unlimited Library. Not as many as I did have, which means I’m making a little bit of progress on my reading lists! Here are the seven books I currently have on my KU reading list and I can’t wait to read each one! The question of the day is, which book do I read first?

Little Lies Tease The Bribe (Calamity Montana) Birdie's Biker: An Age Gap, Motorcycle Club Romance (RBMC: Reno, NV Book 1)

The Pact: Rebels of Ridgecrest High (Book 1) Jewell (Biker Bitches Book 7) Vikings from Mars

!Free With Kindle Unlimited Subscription!
Little Lies – Helena Hunting

Tease – Cloverleigh Farms Series, Book Eight – Melanie Harlow
The Bribe – Calamity Montana Series, Book One – Willa Nash
Birdie’s Biker – RBMC: Reno, NV Series, Book One – Misty Walker
The Pact – Rebels of Ridgecrest High Series, Book One – Belle Harper
Jewell – Biker Bitches Series, Book Six – Jamie Begley
Vikings From Mars – Jamie Begley

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I’m going to try to do better by posting content every day. I can already sense how difficult this task is going to be, but with a little scheduling and brain power, I know I can be a better blogger. So here are a few posts you can look forward to this upcoming week!

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  1. Congrats on the new house! How exciting! I remember doing all that work when we moved into our house years ago. It’s overwhelming for sure. I hope you find some more time to relax with your reads. You’ve been reading some great ones!

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