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Book Review | Crying Shame – Rebel Shaw

Crying Shame by [Rebel Shaw]Crying Shame
By: Rebel Shaw

Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
My Rating: 5 Stars
My Format: eArc Given For Honest Review



Life just threw me a curveball. I have to find a new place to live, but it must be in-district, because my son has his heart set on riding the bus to his first day of kindergarten.

When my brother’s sexy best friend suggests we move in with him, I have to remind myself the offer was for his spare bedrooms… not his bed.

Graham was my childhood crush and being in proximity with him is bringing back all kinds of feelings I thought were long gone. Looks like this time, he’s experiencing them too.

The problem is, now I have a son to think of. We’ve been through enough, and I can’t risk his heart… or mine.


My gorgeous new roommate is off limits. Not only is she my best friend’s little sister, she’s a single mom looking for help… not a hookup.

From the moment she’s under my roof, sparks fly, and suddenly the girl I’ve known my whole life becomes the woman I want long term.

I know I should stay away. Addyson deserves better than sneaking around, but she’s afraid to give me more. Plus the little boy she’s trying to protect… he’s already stolen my heart.

To let her get away… let them get away, would be a crying shame.


I went into Crying Shame ultimately expecting to love this novel, given the fact that Rebel Shaw is made up of writing duo Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black. I knew this book would hit me in the heart with all the feels and these two would give me the epic happily ever after I crave. What I wasn’t expecting was to fall head over heels in love with these characters to the point I couldn’t put this one down!! This story line was EVERYTHING!! 

In My Own Words:

Crying Shame is a complete standalone written by Rebel Shaw, a writing duo made up of authors Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black. If you love the single mother trope along with the older brother’s best friend trope, you all are in for a treat!!

Graham is living the life with singledom in mind. He prefers the lifestyle because no attachments means no hearts are broken. So when his current girlfriend is insisting on more between them, Graham cuts the strings and says adios. But fate has other plans when Graham’s best friend, Adam, gets an urgent call from the little sister. Seems there was an issue with her apartment and she needs a crash pad for her and her five year old little boy. Best friends to the rescue!

Addyson is living the single mother life, and given the fact that her five year old son, Noah’s sperm donor is a complete douche canoe, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Only things are about to change up on her, when she walks into her apartment to find it demolished and soaked thanks to a leak on the floor above her, there’s nothing she can do but call her older brother Adam. What she doesn’t expect is for him to come toting the man that starred in all of her teenage and adult fantasy’s, her brothers best friend, Graham.

Now Addyson finds herself packing what little that didn’t get trashed and moving her and her son into Graham’s house, by his recommendation. The chemistry is about to heat up!! Seriously, you all have to read this book!!!

My Thoughts:

It has to be said, this cover is alluring. It was what immediately caught my attention and I knew I needed to read this book. The blurb was the cherry on the sundae. Having read books from both Lacey Black and Kaylee Ryan, and having also read a few of their co-write novels, Crying Shame gave me immediate must read vibes. I’m so happy I listened to my inner voice! Graham and Addyson’s romance was FIRE!

Let’s start with Addyson! This woman was forced into single motherhood after her douche canoe of a boyfriend revealed a devastating secret. And trust me when I say, this man was lower than the gum on the sole of a boot. The few moments he was in this novel, I wanted him out of this novel. So Addy has been living the single mother life for the past five years with her adorable baby boy, Noah. This kid was as cute as a button! But talking about Addy, I loved this characters strength, courage, and compassion. Anything she did, she thought of her son first and how the outcome could possibly affect him. She was careful with his heart where attachments are concerned. She is the epitome of what a mama bear is. 

Now onto Graham, I loved the dynamic role this man brought to the novel. He lives the single man lifestyle and then BAM! All things change the moment he invited Addy and Noah into his house. I loved seeing the walls he built around himself slowly fall down. I loved seeing this man slowly fall in love with both Addy and her son. I loved watching him slowly step into the father figure shoes. He was exactly the person Addy needed as a companion, but also who Noah needed as a father. My heart damn near exploded with all the swoon this man brought to the novel. My heart was happy with the outcome, there is no doubt about it.

I saved the best for last. Noah! This kid brought something fun, young, and innocent to this novel. I loved every moment where he was in this novel. The moments between Noah and Addy brought a sense of true love to the novel. There’s nothing like witnessing the love a mother has for her children, and then seeing that love reciprocated really punched at my heartstrings. You’d think that was my favorite moment, but my favorite moment with Noah had to be the times he asked Graham to read him bedtime stories. Such an innocent gesture lead to the perfect setup for a true father/son relationship. I loved watching Graham hand over his heart with each small gesture. Noah is the sweetest kid! I couldn’t get enough.

I gave Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw 5 stars! I rated this one 5 stars because these authors made me feel every single emotion and I loved the fact that there wasn’t a ‘lack of communication’ climax moment. Graham, Addyson, and Noah gave the perfect happily ever after. This novel deserved all the stars!

Overall, there wasn’t a moment in Crying Shame that I didn’t love. My heart was attached from beginning to end, hell it’s still attached to these characters as I sit here and write this review. So if you all are looking for a swoony sweet tale, I highly recommend you pick up Crying Shame by Rebel Shaw!

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