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Book Review | Stay Always – Kaylee Ryan

Stay Always (Kincaid Brothers) by [Kaylee Ryan]

Stay Always
By: Kaylee Ryan

Book Series: 
Kincaid Brothers Series
Book # In Series:
0.5 out of 3 (Novella)
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: September 10th, 2022
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Format: Advanced Copy



From the moment she stepped back into town, I wanted her.

No matter where I am, if she’s around, she has all of my attention. The only problem is that she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know that I can feel her when she walks into a room or that I can see her auburn hair when I close my eyes at night.

I think it’s time to do something about that.


From the moment I stepped back into town, I wanted him.

He’s always surrounded by a group of his brothers or his best friend, but that doesn’t stop me from stealing glances. He doesn’t know that I’m crushing on him like a teenager or that sometimes I dream of him.

Maybe one day, I’ll do something about that.


Having just finished the prequel to Kaylee Ryan’s upcoming Kincaid Brothers Series, it has to be said, I’m even more excited to dive into this series, than I was an hour ago!!

Stay Always is the first book, and the prequel, to the Kincaid Brothers series. I love the fact that this book not only gives an introduction to the series, but also introduces us to all the brothers. It’s going to be a swoony ride full of feel good moments, a few laughs, and a lot of love!

Stay Always follows the oldest Kincaid brother, Orrin, and his journey at finding love and making love last. Due to the fact that Orrin and Jade’s story is a novella, I’ve decided not to go into detail. You can experience Orrin and Jade all on your own! But be warned, your heart may just explode from all the love shown through these pages.

I loved Jade and Orrin’s story, my only issue was… I WANTED MORE!! I would have loved to see Orrin and Jade’s story as a full length novel. There wasn’t enough time for me to be satisfied, so let’s chalk this 4 1/2 star rating under another diagnosis of spoiled reader syndrome.

I’m going to end this review by saying, if your looking for a short but very sweet romance definitely pick up Stay Always! If your looking to be quickly swept off your feet, Orrin Kincaid is your man! I can’t wait to see these Kincaid Brother’s in their elements! Bring on all the feels!

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