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Book Review | Stay Over – Kaylee Ryan

Stay Over (Kincaid Brothers Book 1) by [Kaylee Ryan]

Stay Over
By: Kaylee Ryan

Book Series: 
Kincaid Brothers Series
Book # In Series:
1 out of 3
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Format: Advanced Copy



Overhearing my cousin’s best friend confessing that she’s never been satisfied wasn’t my fault… but offering to help her change that definitely was. Her brother is a friend of mine, and while this has a bad idea written all over it, it doesn’t stop us from becoming friends… with benefits.

Palmer is gorgeous, off-limits, and stubborn as hell. For the first time, I’m the one left wanting more.

I’m tired of watching her walk away. I’m ready for her to stay.


I never dreamed having my crush overhear my most embarrassing confession would land me in his bed… or that I would want to stay there.

But our secret relationship has rules. No strings. No expectations. No feelings. What’s that saying about rules? Oh yeah, they’re meant to be broken.

But when it comes to Brooks, I’m afraid if I’m not the one to walk away, it won’t be just the rules broken.


These Kincaid brothers are going to be the death of me! AHH! I legit can’t get enough! I’m going to drop this here, if you haven’t read the first book in the Kincaid brothers series, Stay Always, I highly suggest you stop what you’re doing… of course, after reading my review, and pick up this book along with Stay Over. I’m a marathon reader, and if you’re anything like me… you’re going to want to read Orrin’s book before diving into Brooks’ book! I’m serious when I say both of these brother’s bring the SWOON and their leading ladies bring the FIRE! I can’t get enough. Just an FYI, you can read my review for Stay Always here!

Now let’s get to the reasoning why you all clicked on this review. Let’s discuss Kaylee Ryan’s newest release, Stay Over. Stay Over is the first full length novel in the Kincaid Brother’s series. This romance with a six year age gap is told from both Brooks Kincaid and Palmer Setty’s point of views. 

Love is in the air! First Ramsey, Brooks’ younger cousin, finds love and now his oldest brother, Orrin, has found love. Now it’s time for Brooks Kincaid to hang up the player’s card and follow in older brother’s footsteps. 

Palmer’s ambition lies in her photography. But she has a strong urge to settle down like her best friend, Jade, has recently done. There’s only one man she can see forever with, and that man doesn’t even know she exists… or does he. 

My Thoughts:

I can already predict, the Kincaid Brother’s series is going to be a favorite of mine. From start to finish! I need all the brothers, and I need them now!

Whew, believe me when I say, Brooks Kincaid is everything I envision in a book boyfriend. He’s playful, but also has a super alphamale vibe. He’s sweet, but don’t mistake that for weakness. This man will bust some heads if anyone does his family wrong. What can I say, Brooks Kincaid is going to be the character in this series that’s hard to beat! This man knocked me off my damn feet! 

As for Palmer, I flat-out adored this woman. I loved her ambition and her drive to be the best in her business. And if I’m being completely honest,  I loved everything about her personality. There’s no doubt about it, she’s a storybook heroine. 

Palmer and Brooks’ romance was pure passion. I loved the chemistry between these two. It was undeniable from the very first interaction, these two souls were supposed to unite. My heart felt so full seeing them together. In a way, it saddened me to see them spend their time hiding their relationship throughout this novel. I wish we could have seen them bond more as a couple within the family setting. I understand, tropes are tropes, and I can chalk this up to spoiled reader syndrome… but darn it, I wanted more family couple bonding time!! And that right there is one of the reasons behind my 4 star rating. The other is the fact that I felt a few moments towards the end were fast paced. I could have settled for a slowdown just to soak up those few *loving* moments. 

My favorite part of this romance was watching Brooks grow more and more in love with Palmer. I loved the raw emotion he brought to this story. I also loved the fear he showed, the fear that comes with first love and the fear of rejection. This man legit had me all tied up in knots. Especially around the moment the angst truly set in. I haven’t felt the urge to reach into my kindle and hug a character in such a long time! And this is the reasoning why I will always read novels written by Kaylee Ryan. She brings every element to her novels.

Overall, I loved Brooks and Palmer! And I can’t wait to see what’s coming next within this series! If you love small town romances with a slight age gape, swoon, and an incredible happily ever after I highly recommend you 1-click Stay Over by Kaylee Ryan today!!

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