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Release Blitz & Book Review | Tell Me A Story – Kaylee Ryan & Lacey Black

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I don’t want to be someone’s dirty little secret. I know all too well what that feels like. 

Guarding my heart means staying out of pro football player Brock Williams’s bed and out of the spotlight. But after all these years, he’s exactly like I remember, charming, determined, and used to getting what he wants. And what he wants now is me. 

The chemistry between us is undeniable. And the guy I always saw as a player is now the one who makes my heart beat fast—the one who leaves dirty love notes on my pillow. 

Oh, yeah… he also happens to be my brother’s best friend.


Hooking up with Joey is a bad idea, but that’s not going to stop me. 

I remember the first time we met. Joey showed up at campus to visit her brother, and when she came walking out in that little yellow bikini, I stopped seeing her as my best friend’s little sister and saw her as someone I desired but could never have. It turns out I was wrong. 

For now, it’s stolen moments and promises on paper… of all the things I’m going to do once I make her mine. Her brother might not forgive me, but she’s worth the risk. I can’t deny myself any longer. 

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. It’s time to execute the play and show Joey how our story ends.

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Tell Me A Story is the newest standalone from author duo team, Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black. If you love romance novels that bring all the swoon with a bite of forbidden love twisted in the weave, I highly recommend you pick up Brock and Joey’s story!

In My Own Words:

Brock was living his life the way he always pictured, the top player in his position on and off the field. He lived his life with the playboy status, and then the unthinkable happened. He found himself getting traded to another team. But opportunity arises when he finds out he’ll be playing, once again, on the same team as his best friend, Caleb. Crashing with Caleb is the ideal situation, but Brock never imagined his life would further change when Caleb’s little sister also shows up looking for a place to stay.

Joey’s life was at an impeccable high, until trouble at works has her putting in her notice and packing up her things. Through her life there has only been one constant and one person she knew she could turn to, her half brother Caleb. So with her bags packed and his permission, of course, she visits brother dearest…. and his best friend.

Never in a million years would she ever picture herself falling in love with a football player, but here she is falling head first for her brother’s best friend….

My Thoughts:

Every time I pick up a novel by Kaylee Ryan I know in the bottom of my heart it’s going to bring a smile to my face and quite possibly a tear to my eye. What can I say, Kaylee Ryan is a rockstar when it comes to bringing that epic All The Feels moment to her stories…. Kaylee Ryan is a rockstar on her own, but when we add Lacey Black to the picture… let’s just say this dynamic duo takes romance to the next level.

I’m blown away by the chemistry between Brock and Joey! I felt each and every emotion shine bright through the pages of my kindle. I cheered for these two from beginning to end. This standalone is definitely worth the read if you all love these tropes: Older Brother’s Best Friend  with a Secret Relationship twist!

Now let’s talk about these characters. Starting with Brock. Brock is this good looking, smooth talking man, with a heart of a hero. This man protects and fights for those he loves. He loves the game, but he’s not afraid to walk away from it for the one that he loves. Let’s just say, this man is legit book boyfriend goals!

Josephine ‘Joey’ wears her heart on her sleeve, even though life hasn’t been the kindest to her. I caught the sense that she learned from her parents mistakes, and she refuses to treat people the way she has witnessed her mother and father treat people. I loved her kind heart and her ability to talk through things instead of giving the man in her life the cold shoulder. She thrives on communication, and talking through every day issues. She understands that being with a pro-athlete comes with its fair share of every day struggles, mainly lies the press concocts to sell magazines. This is the part I loved most about their relationship, Brock and Joey worked things out through communicating.

My heart loved everything about this story, but most of all, my heart loved Joey and Brock’s story! I loved the fact that their initial communication started with a letter and stemmed and grew from their. I loved reading the little love letters they each left for one another. I loved watching their love grow and blossom through these letters. And if all that hadn’t already set my heart to dancing, the final epilogue definitely would have been the icing on the cake.

Now onto the reasoning behind why I dropped a star on my rating. I loved every thing about Joey and Brock’s romance, but there is one factor I would have loved to witness that was mentioned but never really shown. You see, Brock has a really close relationship with his mother, I would have loved to see Brock bring Joey into that fold. I wanted to see Joey get the motherly relationship she always craved within her future mother-in-law. I guess I wanted a tad bit more from insight. What can I say, I’m a bit of a spoiled reader.

Overall, I loved Tell Me A Story by Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black! Aside from the little issue I had, I can safely and accurately say, I will be back for more when it comes to these two authors! I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves!

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