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Book Review | Stay Forever – Kaylee Ryan

Stay Forever (Kincaid Brothers Book 2) by [Kaylee Ryan]

Stay Forever
By: Kaylee Ryan

Book Series: 
Kincaid Brothers Series
Book # In Series:
2 of 5
Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
My Rating: 5 Stars
My Format: Arc Received For an Honest Review



My whole world has revolved around caring for my baby girl. I never wanted to let anyone into my life—into our life¾until Kennedy came to town and threw a wrench into my single-dad routine.

She’s the first woman to make me feel something… anything, in a long time. If only she would let me in.

Kennedy is kind, beautiful, and everything I never knew that I wanted. She looks at me as if I’m her entire world, and her bond with my daughter is something to see. But there’s a problem: she’s leaving in a few weeks, and I need to find a way to ask her to stay.


My trip to Willow River came at the perfect time to escape. Taking care of my grandmother should be my whole focus. What I shouldn’t be doing is falling for a drop-dead-gorgeous single dad. But my meddling grandmother has other ideas.

Declan is impossible to resist. Everything with him is easy and feels right. We feel right. But the timing is all wrong¾no matter how I wish I could change things.

He’s a forever kind of guy, but this isn’t my home, and he doesn’t know what he’s asking when two words change everything… “stay forever.”


I’ve said it before in past reviews and I’ll stand her and say it once more, these Kincaid Brothers are stealing my heart! If you’re looking for a swoony hero who will do everything for the woman he loves, look no further and pick up Stay Forever, and the Kincaid Brothers series! 

Stay Forever is the second full length novel in the Kincaid Brothers series by Kaylee Ryan. This wonderful romance revolves are Declan Kincaid, his 4, almost 5, year old daughter Brooks and their leading lady Kennedy Edwards. SWOOOOON! 

Declan has spent the past five years trying to be the best single father a little girl could ask for. And trust me ladies and gents, this man is a rockstar in the father category. But throughout the years, he’s realized there’s one thing he can’t give his little girl, and that’s the love that only a motherly figure can give. Thank god he has a large family and several sister-in-laws… but something is still off….

Until……. Newly divorced, Kennedy Edwards, rides into town clutching a broken heart.

And that’s where I’m going to end things on this portion of my review… We all need a little secrecy in our lives and I feel this book is best read without any knowledge of what’s inside the story. So let’s skip right on to my thoughts on Kaylee Ryan’s newest release Stay Forever.

You all shouldn’t be surprised to find that I loved every single detail of Declan and Kennedy’s romance. So let’s get into the why’s….

First let’s start with the characters.

Declan Kincaid was the brother I pictured would come last in the Kincaid Brother’s series. This man has a lot to lose and a lot at stake when it comes to finding love. But Kaylee Ryan through me for a loop when she brought his book this early on in the game. And I’m not at all disappointed because, secretly, I was hoping to get Declan’s story sooner rather than later. There’s something about a single father romance that pumps up the level of vulnerability. This novel literally brought me heart eyes throughout the whole story. I loved how caring this man is. I also loved the fact that this man saw something he wanted in his life and went for it. Even with the curveball thrown in there, there wasn’t a second I doubted his love for Kennedy. This man Works Hard, and Loves Harder. Definitely a motto to live by. Thanks Papa Kincaid!

Now onto Kennedy. This is a woman who was put through the emotional wringer with her last relationship/marriage, I wasn’t surprised when there was slight hesitation on jumping in the lake of romance with Declan. This man was too good to be true in her eyes. But sometimes fate works in mysterious ways… and due to spoilers that’s all I’m going to say about Kennedy Edwards. Just know, Kennedy may just steal your heart more than Declan did! Her back story had me fighting back tears. My heart hurt for this woman…. But if you’ve read Kaylee Ryan’s books before, you’re soon realize that hurt you felt will soon be morphed into a never-ending amount of pure joy….

Last but not least, we have Declan’s adorable daughter Brooks. I feel this little girl stole the show! She is so stinkin’ cute and made the sad moments feel just a little bit lighter. I loved her relationship with the whole family and I loved how every single Kincaid brother worshiped the ground she walked on. She was treated like the rarest treasure, exactly the way a little one should be treated. The funniest thing though, was seeing her wrap all these big burly Kincaid Brothers around that teeny tiny finger. I can’t wait to see more babies be brought into this series! Believe me when I say, it was an overload of cuteness.

There isn’t much more I can say, beyond what I’ve already said. Just know, if you are the type of reader who loves small town romances with a heavy amount of swoon, a somewhat insta-love approach, and an epic happily ever after don’t hesitate and pick up Stay Forever by Kaylee Ryan today! Declan Kincaid may just be my favorite brother!! This one is a definite MUST READ!

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