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Book Review | Shadow Touched – Beth D. Carter (Death Riders MC Series, Book One)

Shadow Touched (Death Riders MC Book 1) by [Beth D. Carter]

Shadow Touched
By: Beth D. Carter

Series: Death Riders MC
Book # in Series: 1 of 1
Genre: Dark Romance
Trope: Motorcycle Club, Age-Gap, Paranormal
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Reading Format: Arc received through Netgalley via the publisher


Cursed with the ability to see the shadow of death, Leia hides from the world and stays far away from people. Until the night she comes face to face with Brimstone Jandreau.

Brim is the president of the Death Riders MC, but he went nomad in an effort to heal from grief. The moment he spots Leia, he is drawn to her. When she warns him of his impending death, he’s not sure if he believes her, but decides to take precautions.

He finds the would-be assassin. Then discovers it’s one of his own men.

Hit hard from the betrayal, he takes Leia with him back to his world. The more time they spend together, the deeper their bond grows. But death is waiting for Brim, and Leia will do anything to protect the man she’s fallen in love with.


Shadow Touched is the first book in the Death Riders MC Series written by Beth D. Carter. 

Leia is running from something sinister. She lives her life unable to form attachments due to her special gift. You see, her gift is that she sees the shadow of death resting on people’s shoulders… And if that wasn’t bad enough, she has the ability to touch the fog and see the details of said death before it happens. So when Brim, the president of the Death Riders Motorcycle Club shows up at the bar she’s working at with the shadow of death over his shoulder, she does something she’s never done before, she touches the shadow and warns him of his upcoming death. 

Brim has been riding Nomad for the past couple months after a tragedy struck his life. He never imagined the worst tragedy of his life could very well lead him to his greatest blessing. But meeting Leia in the bar that night was the blessing he never thought he’d come across. When he sees someone getting handsy with her at the bar she’s working at, he does what any red blooded man would do, he interferes. Little does he know, he just saved his own life by saving hers.

And that’s where I’m going to end this portion of my review, due to spoilers in the context.

My Thoughts:

In all honesty, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I requested an ARC of Shadow Touched on Netgalley… All I knew was the blurb caught my attention and this book sounded like something unlike anything I ever read in the MC world. Beth D. Carter happens to also be a new-to-me author. Bottom line, I’m addicted! I loved the paranormal aspect to Leia and Brim’s story. There has only been one other MC romance novel where there was a paranormal aspect included, that I’ve read. And I remember thinking to myself, I need more novels like this one! Thank you Beth D. Carter for bringing my obsession for Motorcycle Club romances to the next level!!

Now let’s discuss these characters starting with Brim first. So Brim was an anomaly to me. This man was a bit on the older side of the age scale, he lands at forty-five years old. I’ve never really been one for reading books with older characters in them. The few I have read, the characters didn’t really act the age they were supposed to be representing. Don’t get me wrong, there were also romances I loved with older characters… but it seems the few books that I didn’t like really soured me on the older character trope. HOWEVER, Brim really did a number on my heart. I loved the fact that this man acted his age and I loved the rugged older man theme in this novel!! But in all honesty, I wouldn’t classify 45 as being ancient. One thing I loved about Brim was his dedication and devotion towards his family and those he truly loves. He’d do everything to protect them, even when he’s drowning in his own grief. So bottom line, I loved this man and everything he stood for! He’s definitely a character I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

And now onto my favorite Character of Shadow Touched!! Leia!! I loved everything about Leia from her special gift to her fierce protection! I also loved the fact that throughout this novel, Leia’s character takes on a slight mysterious vibe. As a reader, I wanted to dive into her head and uncover all of her secrets. She’s definitely the one that had me second guessing the way this novel was going to end. I could sit here and read three more books based strictly on this woman and her ability to save people with her gift. It’s been a while since I last felt this much intrigue from a character. I loved watching her evolve into someone with a purpose in life. She was sent to protect Brim from death, and there is no doubt about it, she accomplished that mission….. And then some!

I loved this book. However, there is a reasoning behind why I had to drop a star rating. I gave Shadow Touched a 4 star rating because, and this may sound a tad bit selfish, but  I needed more! I wanted more Brim and Leia one on one time. I wanted to see these two grow and evolve with each other more. I wanted to witness more passion and more love! I felt like there were moments that felt rushed and a bit too fast paced. I could have settled for a slowdown filled with more heart and more heat. 

If you’re looking for an MC novel that is a bit outside the normal trope, I highly recommend you pick up this novel and give it a try! I really did love this novel and everything that is Leia and Brim! I can’t wait to see what Beth D. Carter has up her sleeve with this series!

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