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Book Review | Royal Elite Epilogue – Rina Kent (Royal Elite Series, Book Seven)

Royal Elite Epilogue by [Rina Kent]

Royal Elite Epilogue
By: Rina Kent

Series: Royal Elite
Book # in Series: 7 of 7
Publisher: Blackthorn Books, LLC
Publication Date: December 10th, 2020
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Reading Format: Kindle Unlimited


One final game.

All five couples of Royal Elite series come to life again in this long extended epilogue.
Levi & Astrid.
Aiden & Elsa.
Xander & Kimberly.
Ronan & Teal.
Cole & Silver.
This epilogue is set after the end of Royal Elite Series so all the previous books need to be read before this.


Royal Elite Epilogue by Rina Kent is a series of epilogues that revolve around the Royal Elite Series! Curious to see where the four-horsemen and Levi are at with their women today!? Look no further and pick up this book!! In being completely honest, I have to say it, I felt the first few ‘epilogues’ were redundant due to the fact that epilogue portion ‘proposal’ was already in the novels. But I understand why Rina Kent wrote it out this way. I loved the fact that they were separated by milestone.

The first part is labeled ‘The Proposal’. In this section of epilogues, we get a personal in-depth view of the men falling to their knees and officially claiming their women for the world to see! And even though this portion of the novel is redundant, I loved reliving a few of those moments for the second time.

The second part is labeled ‘The Marriage’. In this section of epilogues where given an insight into the five weddings from the men’s point of view. I think this was my favorite section for the most part. I’m a sucker for that first glimpse moment. I loved seeing all five men become speechless as they watched their brides walk down the aisle! My heart loved these moments.

The third part is labeled ‘The Honeymoon’. I’m pretty sure you all can guess what happens in this moment of epilogues. One thing I wished for while reading this small series of epilogues is more passion. I understand it’s hard to get the chemistry across in a few pages.. but I wanted to feel that rush I initially felt when reading each characters story throughout the Royal Elite Series. I felt passion, but not as much as I wanted.

The fourth part is labeled ‘The Pregnancy’. Usually anything to do with pregnancy in romance novels would jump straight to the number one spot on my list. However, I’m a spoilt reader, and I wanted more from this chapter of epilogues.

The fifth and final  part is labeled ‘The Group’. In this section of epilogues I loved seeing the group grow through journey after journey. I loved seeing them with their kids. I loved seeing the four horsemen and Levi arguing over the most random shit. And I loved watching the love grow stronger with each page turned.

This is a group of friends/frenemies I will never forget in the romance genre. I just hope I’ll get glimpses of them in books to come!

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