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Book Review | Promise Me Always – A.L. Jackson (redemption Hills Series, Book Four)

Promise Me Always: A Single Dad, Small Town Romance (Redemption Hills Book 4) by [A.L. Jackson]

Promise Me Always
By: A.L. Jackson

Series: Redemption Hills
Book # in Series: 
4 of 4
Trope: Single Father, Fake Fiancée, Roommates, Friends-To-Lovers
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: January 30th, 2023
My Rating: 4 Stars
My Reading Format: kindleunlimited


I should know better than to let Tessa McDaniels pretend to be my fiancée.

I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves destruction in his wake.

But when she offers to pretend to marry me to help me get my kids back, I can’t refuse. They are the one thing I have left to fight for.

Milo Hendricks found me at my lowest.

Battered and broken by my ex with no place to call home. When he insists I stay at his cabin with him, he sparks the feelings I’ve tried to suppress.

He’s only supposed to be my friend, but every time he comes in the room, he makes my knees weak.

This gorgeous, tatted, mountain-of-a-man who’s riddled with secrets.

Tessa is everything I crave but can’t have.

I shouldn’t touch her.

Shouldn’t make it real.

But she’s a red-headed flame I can’t resist, and I can’t help but take her to my bed.

Now we’re falling into an abyss of passion and need.

Loving her is easy.

Only we’re tied in ways we don’t know.

I’ll do anything to protect her, but it’s my past that might destroy her in the end…


Promise Me Always is the fourth book in A.L. Jackson’s Redemption Hills Series. If you’re in the mood for an angsty read with strong alpha vibes I highly suggest you pick up Tessa and Milo’s unforgettable story!

Milo Hendricks had everything he ever wanted, but in the blink of an eye, it all disappeared in a cloud of chaos. Now, a couple years later, he finds himself in the biggest battle of his life. He’ll do everything in his power to get his kids back from his late wife’s parents and bring them back home. Even if he has to fake an engagement with the sweetest of temptations in the form of Tessa McDaniels.

Newly single, Tessa McDaniels is ready to grab life by the horns and give it everything she has. After ending her brutal relationship, she finds herself moving in with the man she’s always wanted but could never have. Now, the tables have turned and Tessa is about to show Milo he is capable of love.

Will Milo let his guilt fade over the circumstances surrounding his late wife’s passing. Or will this all settle once he get’s his kids back… Oh fate, you definitely work in mysterious ways!

My Thoughts:

Imagine my surprise when I saw A.L. Jackson was releasing one more book in the Redemption Hills series! I loved the fact that Tessa and Milo, both, had been through life altering moments. Two souls caught in the crossfires of greed ending in tragedy. They found their way to one another and helped each other heal. My heart loved these moments between them. Through all the push and pull, along with the endless banter and heart breaking scenarios, I was cheering for them on the sidelines!

Milo Hendricks puts the alpha in alpha male. This man loves with his whole being, and that’s what put the angst in this romance. You see, Milo gave his heart away a long time ago, and that love ended in tragedy. He made promises to his late wife, and throughout this novel he battled with the fact that all his promises were coming undone day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute. His journey was a discovery that a heart can have more than one forever love and a soul can have another mate. I feel head over heels for this man and all he went through in this novel. But, in all honesty, I think I fell for him the hardest as a father figure. All this man wanted was all that he lost. He wanted his kids back under his roof. He wanted to be the father he should have been when his late wife passed. And he wanted to burn the world of any threats that dare come to his door in search of those he loved. I loved Milo from start to finish!

As for Tessa McDaniels, this woman was a spitfire with flaming locks of auburn hair and a personality that matched. But beneath the surface, she was as fragile and vulnerable as a newly born fawn. This woman has been put through the emotional wringer. I literally wanted to reach into this novel and junk punch her ex-boyfriend for treating her so poorly. But like they say, every rainstorm has a silver lining. And that silver-lining comes in the form of Milo Hendricks. My heart felt joy the further Tessa fell for this man… Even through the moments of Milo’s push and pull tactics, I knew these two were going to get the most epic of happily ever after. There was no denying their chemistry.

Now onto the reasoning behind why I rated Promise Me Always four stars. I loved Tessa and Milo’s romance, and in all honesty, I wanted more romance and less mystery with this one. I wanted to see more of Milo with his kids. And in the end, I wanted a greater period of redemption between Milo and his late wife, Autumn’s parents. They had to know this wasn’t Milo’s doing. What happened to Autumn was tragic and vile. Therefore, I wish they would have pointed their anger towards the person actually involved… Milo was a great man, with only the best of intentions when it came to his kids. I wanted them to see him in a different light. I wanted that special moment of redemption for Milo. I guess, at the end of the day, I wanted a little bit more of a reckoning where Milo was concerned.

I’m still blown away by the Redemption Hills series. If you’re looking for a series with emotional angst, a load of heart, and a ton of heat I definitely recommend this series. My heart is still invested, four books later! There is no denying the fact, A.L. Jackson put her heart and soul into this series!

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    1. A.L. Jackson takes a different approach with her writing style. I think that’s what keeps me coming back for more! The Redemption Hills Series is one of my favorites when it comes to suspense and romance. Definitely start with the first book in the series. If you do that, I think you’ll be hooked! Hopefully!!

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