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February Wrap Up & Book Haul

February was a great month for me! Ah, there was so much anticipation for new novels I absolutely cannot complain. So let's get started with this monthly wrap up! Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate/referral links. This is a way for my site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and… Continue reading February Wrap Up & Book Haul

Book Haul · Monthly Wrap up

January Wrap Up & Book Haul

Hey all! I honestly can't believe its already the fourth of February and the fact that January is over is mind boggling! Last month I accomplished a ton where my tbr is concerned. I've read some great books and a few not so great books, but overall it was a great month full of adventures… Continue reading January Wrap Up & Book Haul

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August and September BOOK HAUL

How in the world did I get so behind with my posts!? I realized I haven't posted a book haul since July.... I have two months worth of books that I get to share with you all today! If you are new to my page, I'm a huge thrifty buyer. I love going to thrift… Continue reading August and September BOOK HAUL

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July Book Haul

So I definitely went overboard this month with how many books I added to my tbr! I recently went to my local used book store with a total of $25 dollars in mind to spend. I went over that total by $2 and some change but that's irrelevant. I rescued some kick ass novels and… Continue reading July Book Haul

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February Book Haul

Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I posted a book haul and Its been sometime since I actually bought any physical books...Well that changed this past weekend. Mr. Man and I decided to venture out and visit our local bookstore and I found some novels that literally made my freaking day! I also purchased a… Continue reading February Book Haul

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October Book Haul

Hello November, Goodbye October. If you all follow me on Bookstagram you may already know about this book haul but let me go into full #booknerd mode for a minute. I am so excited to share that I went into Barnes and Noble with a set dollar limit of thirty dollars and two coupons. I am… Continue reading October Book Haul

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August ’17 Book Haul

I know it's technically not august anymore but... Welcome to my August Book Haul! I have 9 books to show you in this haul. As you all may know, I am addicted to being thrifty when it comes to buying books. I hope you all enjoy. Let me know in the comments if you read… Continue reading August ’17 Book Haul

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July Book Haul

Each month I bring you all a book haul and let you see the books I've found at a used/bargain price. I love bargain hunting when it comes to books! This go around I was like a kid in a candy story. Omg there were so many novels but sadly I had a budget set… Continue reading July Book Haul

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May Book Haul

Hello everyone! I am back with another book haul! Last week I went to Barnes and Nobel and I found some amazing gems that I've been dying to get my hands on! I also put in an order on Amazon for a novel that I almost spent 16 dollars on at B&N but..spoiler alert...I found it… Continue reading May Book Haul

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April Book Haul part 2

I know I know, I stated somewhere that my last book haul was going to be just that. BUT, you see I have a boyfriend and he is a horrible influence and instigator when it comes to taming that book buying beast that lives deep within us all! Okay so maybe it isn't all his… Continue reading April Book Haul part 2