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2022 | November Book Haul

I've been on a mission. I guess you can call it a book buying ban of sorts for the past three months. But that ban has officially been lifted all due to one series and my love for thriftbooks. Thriftbooks Book Haul: I've been wanting to devour Lorelei James' Blacktop Cowboys Series and I finally… Continue reading 2022 | November Book Haul

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2022 | July Book Haul

Wal-Mart Book Haul: It has been quite a long time since I last stepped into a wal-mart. As a kid, I used to shop there all the time. Mr. Man and I ventured that way, he ran off to get something in electronics and left me in the the book aisle.... BIG MISTAKE! Especially with… Continue reading 2022 | July Book Haul

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2022 | June Book Haul

The best part about moving is finding new thrift stores and used book stores! I ventured out one weekend with my mom and we ran across a thrift store that sells a ton of used books and these are the gems I found! The paperback/trade books were 99 cents each and the hardcovers were only… Continue reading 2022 | June Book Haul

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2022 | April Book Haul

I told myself I wouldn't buy any books this month... I told myself I was going to my local used book store in search of Vinyl's to add to my collection... and judging by the title of this post, It's clear as a blue sky day I lied to myself. But the titles I picked… Continue reading 2022 | April Book Haul

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2022 | January – March Book Haul

I spent the entirety of my day rearranging my book shelves and came to the realization I am so far behind with my Book Haul posts. So today, I'm bringing you a book haul that spans the past three months. I started this year with a goal in mind. I was going to match book… Continue reading 2022 | January – March Book Haul

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2021 | March – June Book Haul

My initial plan was to post my book haul at the end of every month.... which means, I'm currently a few months behind and in those months I have added quite a few books to my shelves and my Kindle. So let's get started! March Book Haul: In march I only picked up one eBook,… Continue reading 2021 | March – June Book Haul

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2021 | February Book Haul

This is my second book haul in 2021 and I'm not the least bit ashamed!If you haven't seen my January Book Haul yet, you can check it out here.Saturday, I went to my local used book store and I hit the literature jackpot!!!I also received two books in the mail, I'll start with those books… Continue reading 2021 | February Book Haul

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2021 | January Book Haul

It has been a minute since I last stepped into a book store and surrounded myself with pages and pages of awesomeness. This past weekend I found myself feeling a bit stir crazy, so Mr. Man and I ventured out and about. We ended up at our local BN and I found some books I… Continue reading 2021 | January Book Haul

Book Haul · romance

2020 | Romance Book Haul (#1)

Usually I share my book hauls and what I'm reading on my Bookstagram. I thought it would be fun to also start sharing my book hauls here. I've been trying hard to pinch pennies and save money, but once in awhile, I'll feel the books calling me. In January and February I acquired nine books,… Continue reading 2020 | Romance Book Haul (#1)

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2019| February Wrap Up & Book Haul

February was a great month for me! Ah, there was so much anticipation for new novels I absolutely cannot complain. So let's get started with this monthly wrap up! Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate/referral links. This is a way for my site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and… Continue reading 2019| February Wrap Up & Book Haul