2021 | April Reading List

And so it begins! Spring is in the air, even though it snowed a bit yesterday and I am ready for everything to do with being outdoors. Reading in the sun, planting flowers, and making my yard look beautiful once again. But thanks to the Michigan cold weather, all of that has been put on… Continue reading 2021 | April Reading List

Reading List · TBR

2021 | March Reading List

GOODBYE FEBRUARY, AND HELLO MARCH! It's officially my birthday month!! I didn't go crazy on requesting arcs this month which means this month will basically be a free read month for me. I'll get to marathon all the series I've been dying to get my hands on! Here is what I plan to read! My… Continue reading 2021 | March Reading List


2021 | February Reading List

February I plan to read some great books that have been on my tbr for the longest time!I'm also planning to read quite a few new to me authors.I cannot wait to start all these novels!So let's get started. This month I have quite a few advanced copies to read.    One One Touch -… Continue reading 2021 | February Reading List


2021 | January Reading List

I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am for this month's tbr (reading list)! Be prepared, I plan to read ALL THE BOOKS this month.It's a new year, so why not start it out with an unimaginable tbr....Here are all the books I intend on reading this January. First on the list are… Continue reading 2021 | January Reading List

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2020 | November Reading List

My goal, for this month, is to read as many books as I can possibly read! These are all the books I plan on reading this November. My Current Read, First is a book I'm still reading, in October, I honestly think I'll be done with this one tonight. My review however won't go up… Continue reading 2020 | November Reading List


2020 | September TBR

Hello September! Out of all the months, here in Michigan, September is my most favorite. It's the start of Fall, the leaves will be changing colors soon. It's the season for cider mills, bonfires, cozy sweaters, canning apple butter, and scary movies!!! All the new releases this September is the icing on a very decadent… Continue reading 2020 | September TBR

2020 · TBR

2020 | August TBR

Hello August and Goodbye July! Here's to hoping for a month of positive vibes, good health, and fantastic reading. And here's to also hoping I end the month with more than nine books added to my read pile.... My July Wrap Up is now posted, you can check out what I read Here! Now onto… Continue reading 2020 | August TBR


2020 | July TBR

It's been a hell of a year, that's for sure. With all the negative going on in my personal life, it was time to get away from it all. Last week I went on a much needed vacation. My boyfriend, my sister, and I decided to escape for a few days, so we went camping… Continue reading 2020 | July TBR


2020 | June TBR

Last month I basically gave up on my tbr. I haven't really been in the mood to read at all lately. Now that my garden is planted and my flower beds and yard is looking as beautiful as ever, I finally can find the time and the motivation to pick up a novel. Here are… Continue reading 2020 | June TBR


2020 | May TBR

Hello everyone and welcome back to another tbr. My goal for May is to binge as many series as I possible can... while completing and reviewing my May advanced copies.  I realized I have a 2020 series binge challenge going, and I only completed one series so far... Being that it's already May, I better… Continue reading 2020 | May TBR