Jamie Begley Series Guide

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Jamie Begley has been known to write sexy as sin MC romances.
I was recommended this author from Goodreads and I thank god Goodreads exists every damn day!
The books listed below are in the order Jamie Begley recommends to her readers.

Disclaimer: The section below contains amazon affiliate links. This is a way for my site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and services.

Razer’s Ride
(The Last Riders #1)
Review | Amazon

Viper’s Run
(The Last Riders #2)
Review | Amazon

Knox’s Stand
(The Last Riders #3)
Review | Amazon

Sex Piston
(Biker Bitches #1)
Review | Amazon

(The VIP Room #1)
Review | Amazon

(The VIP Room #2)
Review | Amazon

Shade’s Fall
(The Last Riders #4)
Review | Amazon

(The VIP Room #3)
Review | Amazon

Cash’s Fight
(The Last Riders #5)
Review | Amazon

Fat Louise
(Biker Bitches #2)
Review | Amazon

(Predators MC #1)
Review | Amazon

(The Last Riders #6)
Review | Amazon

Stand Off
(Predators MC #2)
Review | Amazon

Lucky’s Choice
(The Last Riders #7)
Review | Amazon

Keeping What’s His: Tate
(Porter Brothers Trilogy #1)
Review | Amazon

Merry Blissmas
(Biker Bitches #3)
Review | Amazon

(Predators MC #3)
Review | Amazon

Winter’s Touch
(The Last Riders #8)
Review | Amazon

Train’s Clash
(The Last Riders #9, Biker Bitches #4)
Review | Amazon

Standing His Ground: Greer
(Porter Brothers Trilogy #2)
Review | Amazon

Crazy Bitch
(Biker Bitches #5)
Review | Amazon

Rider’s Revenge
(The Last Riders #10)
Review | Amazon

(Predators MC #4)
Review | Amazon

Claiming The enemy: Dustin
(Porter Brothers Trilogy #3)
Review | Amazon

(Biker Bitches #6)
Review | Amazon

Dangerous Love
(A Jamie Begley Anthology)
Review | Amazon

Gavin's Song: A Last Riders Trilogy (Road to Salvation Book 1) by [Begley, Jamie]

Gavin’s Song
(Road To Salvation #1)
Review | Amazon

Reaper's Wrath: A Last Riders Trilogy (Road to Salvation Book 2) by [Jamie Begley]

Reaper’s Wrath
(Road To Salvation #2)
Review | Amazon

Reaper’s Salvation
(Road To Salvation #3)
Review | Amazon

(Biker Bitches #7)
Review | Amazon

 Ho Ho Hennessy by [Begley, Jamie]

Ho Ho Hennessy
Review | Amazon

Dark Ties
(Made Men Series, #9)
By: Jamie Begley and Sarah Brianne
Review | Amazon

Peace Love and Happy Reading,

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