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Book Review | Knox’s Stand by Jamie Begley


Knox’s Stand
(The Last Riders #3)
By: Jamie Begley

Genre: MC Romance/Erotica
Publisher: Young Ink Press, LLC
Publication Date: October 31st, 2013
My Rating: ✮✮✮.5

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Knox, a former Navy Seal, has been in several dangerous situations, but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards. Framed for murder, he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence. But when he no longer needs her help, he’s going to show her the passion she’s capable of and walk away a free man.

Diamond plans on earning her huge fee to prove Knox is innocent, but she had no idea the muscled biker could bring out the passion she kept hidden behind her designer clothes. Trying to find a murderer is easier than dealing with The Last Riders and Knox’s sexcapades. He’s going to find out there is one woman worth standing and fighting for, despite his desire for freedom.

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, multiple partners, moderate violence and explicit language offends you.



Knox’s story is the one I have been waiting for!

If you read the first two books in The Last Riders series, you probably know Knox is the most rugged of the MC. He’s the one that everyone fears but little do they know this man has legit been through hell and back.

I felt this novel had a slower pace but allowed us to get to know the man better and see who Knox truly is, not just witness the shell he’s hiding behind. This man is more complex than Razer and Viper. I honestly couldn’t get enough of his wild antics!

Diamond grew up in a motorcycle club and witnessing things she saw at a young age decided to separate herself from that lifestyle but in the end fell for a man just like her dad. I loved this concept and the ending definitely brought an interesting turn of events. That’s for damn sure!

I really enjoyed this one but along with the others I found the female protagonist to be a little on the wishy washy side. These men need women with a bit more of a backbone.

Overall, I am really enjoying this series for the second time. I can’t wait to start on the Biker Bitches series. Especially Sex Piston’s story!

I’m reading these novels based on Jamie Begley’s reading order!



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