3.5 stars · Book Review · Jamie Begley

Book Review | Tainted by Jamie Begley


(The VIP Room #2)
By: Jamie Begley

Genre: Rock star Romance/Erotica
Publisher: Young Ink Press, LLC
Publication Date: January 15th, 2015
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
Format: Kindle


Kaden Cross had it all: money, fame, and women, but he lost it all in one night. One night that would forever change him. Forced from obscurity and into the limelight as the lead singer of the band Mouth2Mouth, Kaden returns to the lifestyle that almost destroyed him. The last thing he wanted was to find a sexy drugged out redhead waiting for him in his bed. Finding out that she’s the victim of a sex slave ring, puts Mouth2Mouth in peril, because the only way to save the woman he’s started to love, means denying her the one thing she wants the most. Freedom.

Sawyer has had one dream her whole life, to escape the smothering love of her mother and a life of poverty. Her goal was just within her grasp when her world is turned upside down. Kidnapped and drugged, she is given to a man she knows nothing about except that he holds her life in his hands.

One night, and two lost souls with tainted lives, find a love strong enough to reveal a secret that just might kill them all.


☆ 3.5 Stars ☆

“The only thing saving her was her instinctive dislike of him. God help her if she ever discovered he was a nice guy under that sexy body”

After I finished Teased by Jamie Begley, I was very curious and intrigued to see what Sawyer’s story would bring. I had a feeling this one was going to be a bit on the dark side. But holy hell, I never expected the rock star to break out the bdsm! I freaking loved this aspect.

About Tainted:

Kaden is an ex rock star who, by choice, gave up his passion in music due to a tragedy he went through because of his obsession with his career and other bad habits he picked up. Now he’s a recluse hiding out in his cabin and he plans to stay that way. After Kaden’s ex manager tracks him down and blackmail him into touring one final time, Kaden’s back is against the wall and he can’t exactly turn him down. Not with his reputation at risk. But Kaden’s about to realize there are more obstacles in his life that are going to be bigger risks to his reputation if they got out. That being Sawyer, a call girl, or so he thinks. Until he unravels a dark secret involving a human trafficker and a prostitution ring.

Growing up in a strict household all Sawyer wanted and wished for was her freedom. Now many years later as Sawyer is fighting for her freedom from a guy she has never laid eyes on. She never imagined her knight in shining armor would have tattoos and a voice of an angel, oh yeah, and he has a wicked way with a paddle.

My Thoughts:

Holy hell, Tainted legit rocked my socks off! Kaden is a wicked man, very…very….Wicked. When I first started reading Tainted I never in a million years would have guessed that this one would take a turn into the bdsm world. At first, I was disappointed given the fact that I’m not much of a fan of this certain trope anymore. But the more I read the more I started to realize this novel took a turn from the typical bdsm storyline and blazed its own path.

I loved the hell out of this storyline. Kaden is a freaking beast! He’s everything I can easily imagine when it comes to a dominate lover and the way he was with Sawyer was heart stopping and so damn erotic. I couldn’t get enough of these two.

Now you all are probably wondering why I rated this one a 3.5 stars instead of a higher rating. The answer is, even though I loved this novel and I loved Kaden, I found myself cringing during those beginning moments of intimacy. I knew it was a struggle for Sawyer and inwardly she was willing but given the fact that she was JUST rescued from a human trafficking ring I felt her character was a tad bit unbelievable in these beginning moments. And I needed a bit more compassion from Kaden, But then Kaden wouldn’t be the dominating male he was if he were to be this way. I don’t know It felt a little off during those beginning scenes.

But the more time Kaden and Sawyer spent together the more this issue started to dissolve in my head and the more I really saw Sawyer and Kaden for who they were.

HOLY HELL THOUGH, I have to mention that cliffhanger at the end!!!!! I FREAKING KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I can’t tell you what I knew due to spoilers, however, if you read Tainted than you know what I knew and we can discuss it in the comments 😉 Hehe!

Overall, Tainted is another great read from Jamie Begley! Now onto SHADE’S STORY!!!! AH, I’m so freaking excited for this one!!!!!

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