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Book Review | Perfect Escape – Cary Hart

Perfect Escape (Mason Creek Book 6) by [Cary Hart]Perfect Escape
By: Cary Hart

Series: Mason Creek Series
Book Number In Series: 6 of 12
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope(s): Small Town, Single Father
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: June 17th, 2021

My Rating: 4 ½ stars


When looking for a place to nurse my broken heart, Mason Creek is the picture-perfect escape…

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life walking down the aisle. Thankfully, I caught the groom with his pants around his ankles and my bridesmaid around his waist before I said, “I do.”

My best friends kidnap me and take me away to a cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana. They convince me trespassing and skinny dipping are both acceptable remedies for a broken heart. Turns out, the owner of the property found our little excursion unacceptable…and amusing as hell.

After my douche of an ex calls to rain on my non-honeymoon parade, I decide to stick around Mason Creek while I figure things out.

I had no idea accepting a temporary job at Dream Big Realty would land me face to face with none other than Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Not Pressing Charges.

Falling for him and his adorable daughter is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But competing with old flames makes me wonder if this town is big enough for the both of us.

Small town life was supposed to be a brief Band-Aid, then sexy, single dad Grady gives me a reason to stay…and a second chance at happiness.

My Review

My heart is still swooning! So I’m new to the wonderful world of Cary Hart, and after reading Perfect Escape I have the sudden urge to go out and purchase every single book she’s ever written!! Holy hell did I feel this one, all the way through my heart and to the bottom of my very soul. If you’re new to the Mason Creek series, let me give you a tiny bit of information on what this series is all about. If you love swoony small town standalone romances, where each book is written by a different author, trust me when I say, you’ve hit the mother-load!! I’m seven books into this series, and I’m officially OBSESSED!!

Cary Hart brings us an epic journey that basically shows fate at it’s finest! On what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, Charlee Evans catches her fiance, Donovan, with his pants off and her cousin pinned against the wall. Ending the wedding her mother so desperately wanted, isn’t going to be an easy feature. But with her best friends, and her sisters by her side, they plan a quick getaway. Now she finds herself in Mason Creek, Montana drunk out of her mind and naked in Savannah’s hot spring lake…. Or so she thought and was told it was Savannah’s hot spring lake. But the sexy and somewhat agitated cowboy standing in front of her packing some heat in his pants proves otherwise…… I’m telling you, I’ve been hitting the jackpot with laugh out loud reads this week!!! My stomach hurt so bad from laughing during this moment! Miss Charlee Evans didn’t have a care in the world while she was standing there and giving the cowboy a piece of her mind, no regards to the fact she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit… I loved Charlee’s personality so much!

As for Grady Jackson, all this man wanted in life was to be left alone so he could raise his little girl. But living in a small town, he’s always running into those with ulterior motives. All the gossip queens in Mason Creek think they know what’s best for him and want to set him up with all the single ladies… but Grady isn’t about that life. He’s had two relationships and they both ended in heartbreak… I also loved Grady’s character! This man had two loves in his life, and they both left him heartbroken. The last resulting in a daughter. So you can safely assume, this man refuses to bring another woman into his life in fear of his daughter getting attached and then her heartbroken. This man is a great father! I loved the one on one moments between him and his little girl. Moments like those have a way of bringing tears to my eyes. There is no bond in life like a bond between a daughter and her father, and Cary Hart showed that bond in the best of ways.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a single father romance!!!

The chemistry between Grady and Charlee only grew the more time they spent together. But beneath the surface, they each had an uncanny amount of insecurity and self doubt. We’re talking about two people who have each had their own run ins with severe heartbreak. I’d be kidding you if I said there wasn’t insecurity. And don’t even get me started on the chemistry between Charlee and Grady’s daughter.. My heart couldn’t handle the cuteness overload! I think I loved their connection the most.

Now onto why I dropped a half star rating, I felt a few moments in this novel were rushed, and I would have liked to see more details and more of a slowdown through those particular moments….

Overall, Perfect Escape by Cary Hart had my heart swooning and my eyes misting. I loved the premise of this novel, two broken hearts fighting to help each other become whole again, that right there is fate at it’s finest. I can’t wait to pick up more novels from Cary Hart in the very near future!!

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